Brace yourselves! This episode of IMPACT unveils a seismic decision that will shake the very foundation of Meghan’s world.

In this episode, Meghan shares her realization that to take things to a much bigger level of impact, there are things she needs to let go of blindly. 

There are things she needs to let go of not necessarily knowing what is on the other side because they are tethering her from the full view. 

Moving to the next level is not about harder work, it’s about harder decisions. Meghan believes that to lead other people, we have to be willing to lead ourselves not just with our voice, but with our actions. So with that in mind, Meghan has decided to take a sabbatical from the IMPACT Podcast. 

She is committed to making huge leaps on an emotional level, on a financial level, and on a ‘potential for failure’ level because her vision for impact is huge.

Life is less about what you do, more about how you make people feel, and everything about how you choose to show up in the world.

But fear not, as Meghan clarifies this sabbatical is not a goodbye in any way. This is not the end of the show, this is the end of act one.

Meghan’s fearless choice will compel you to examine your life through a lens of unwavering clarity and empower you to release anything that no longer serves your future. Hit play now to embrace the changes needed for your next chapter, your next act. 



[01:04] Reflection on Ted Lasso and the power of knowing when to move on

[04:45] Exploring the benefits of personal coaching

[10:01] Reflections on letting go and moving forward

[16:30] Closing this act






“We are walking into the intermission, and one of the things I’ll invite you to do is maybe regroup yourself, grab a drink, stretch your legs, but know that the story is not over.”

 -Dr. Meghan Walker


“And so this is an act of personal leadership. That may or may not inspire you to take similar actions in your own life and in your own world. I’m excited for this next step.”

 -Dr. Meghan Walker


“I’d love for this to be a moment where you two look at your life with ruthless clarity and confidence and acknowledge the things that may not be serving the next chapter, the next act.”

 -Dr. Meghan Walker


“I have a vision for how I want to live my own life and it is not constantly pushed up against the wall. And I’ve worked really hard to create certain freedoms in my life and yet I engage in an ongoing manner in the behaviors that keep me pushed there.”

 -Dr. Meghan Walker


“I have committed six and a half years, 327 episodes of conversations. It has been an enabler of ticket sales and traffic and growth of my clinical practice. It has been a launching ground for new programs and new phases of my life. It is also at a place where I feel like I can tie a beautiful bow on this experience, that I can look at this podcast with immense gratitude for what it has brought into my life.”

-Dr. Meghan Walker