On this episode of IMPACT, Dr. Patty Ann Tublin reveals how to protect yourself from the biggest pitfalls in entrepreneurial relationships. 


Dr. Patty Ann is an experienced psychotherapist who applies her knowledge to coaching high-level entrepreneurial relationships. She helps CEOs and business owners create safeguards that protect the integrity of each relationship they enter into. 


Navigating business partnerships and personal relationships can easily fall into chaos if mismanaged. Dr. Patty Ann discusses how you can successfully navigate the three fundamental relationships for every entrepreneur and gives tools to predict and prevent the worst-case scenarios so you can thrive in business and life. 


Dr. Patty Ann shows you how to set personal boundaries so you don’t lose your identity in your business venture. Your spouse, kids, and friends deserve your undivided attention at home; she teaches you how to create separation between professional and private time to preserve the relationships with your loved ones. 


Some entrepreneurs will do anything but create a contract, but these are vital tools that protect you and your partner. Dr. Patty Ann helps you reframe your mindset regarding professional contracts and having an exit plan in writing.


These conversations aren’t always easy, but to make an IMPACT in the world, you must lead yourself and your partnerships down a path of integrity. What’s an uncomfortable conversation today could be what preserves your relationship tomorrow. 


Join us to learn how to safeguard your relationships from the common pitfalls of entrepreneurship. 



[1:25] Managing Entrepreneurial Relationships 

[4:30] The Gory Details 

[5:45] Dr. Tublin’s Expertise 

[8:10] Managing Personal Relationships as an Entrepreneur

[14:00] Setting Intentional Boundaries for Working

[16:00] Traps to Avoid in Entrepreneurial Couples 

[18:50] Selecting a Business Partner 

[22:00] The Importance of Putting It In Writing 

[26:00] Crafting Your Exit Agreement 

[29:00] Wanting a Business Friend 

[32:00] Navigating Gendered Partnerships 








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“It doesn’t matter what your business is, because it’s the relationship aspect that is usually what creates the success, or what makes the success impossible.” 


-Dr. Patty Ann Tublin 


“It lays out the intentions. It enables you to come together and outline; if we did exit, if we did pull apart from this because things happen in life, here is the behavior and conduct, and integrity that we want to bring to the table.” 


– Dr. Meghan Walker