On this episode of IMPACT, Meghan is joined by David Henzel for a conversation you won’t want to miss! 


David Henzel is a veteran entrepreneur who has taken his talent and skill in being able to design predictably positive and successful businesses and applied it to happiness and mindset in his own life. He doesn’t just get a niche and arbitrarily go and design something new. He has a formula for how he designs successful businesses. In fact, David has a formula for how he designs his successful life. 


David teaches you to overcome resistance and build habits that create the environment for your dreams to become a reality. You are in control of your destiny, but you have to be bold enough to face your fears to become a person of IMPACT.


His approach to success is simple; form the habits that support your goals instead of waiting for the right mindset to start your journey. It’s obvious, yet most entrepreneurs are guilty of this specific type of procrastination. 


This episode is your wake-up call to start living a life you can be proud of. Join us for an enlightening conversation about the power of habits, love, and happiness.



[3:00] A meaningful conversation

[4:45] A multifaceted entrepreneur 

[10:30] Starting multiple businesses 

[16:00] Recognizing the patterns 

[19:00] Developing the mindset 

[25:00] Exposure therapy 

[27:45] Dismantling your fear

[32:00] Managing your happiness

[35:00] Structure brings freedom









“I’m not dwelling that long in emotional states, and if it doesn’t feel good I take a step back and contemplate; how can I work around this? How can I fix this? How can I create the environment that makes this easier for me?” 


-David Henzel


“I think habits determine everything in your life.”

-David Henzel


“Every decision in life you have to make out of love or out of fear.”

-David Henzel


“I always use my emotions as a filter. Like do I feel good about something? Then I lean in. Does it not feel good? Then I take a step back and think like why does this not feel good? Is it something that’s not aligned with my values? Do I not want this? Or is it something that I actually want but I’m afraid because it’s outside of my comfort zone. And then I reframe my mind.”

-David Henzel


“The courage won’t come in the mail. Competence and confidence is the byproduct of repeated courageous action.”

-Dr. Meghan Walker


“I think structure brings freedom and also planning brings freedom.”

-David Henzel