Are you waiting for your ideal customers to come to you? You probably have a list of expectations of your ideal client, but have you ever asked yourself if you are an ideal provider?


On this episode of IMPACT, Meghan will challenge you to evaluate the standards you have of yourself. She teaches you that the energy you project is reciprocal. The clients you are currently attracting are a reflection of your own energetic output. If you want to level up your clientele, you need to assess what your ideal clients desire from you. Meghan shows that it is possible to effortlessly manifest opportunities and clients by doing the work within yourself first.


You are capable of raising your energetic capacity, building courage, and becoming the person your ideal clients want. This episode will encourage you to ask the right questions and get to the bottom of who and what you are attracting so that you can expand your own capacity and shift into a better version of yourself. 


It’s time to stop looking outward and take a deeper look at the IMPACT your energy has on the world around you. If you are ready to do the work and become your client’s ideal provider, do not miss this episode.



[1:00] Working within our confines provided

[1:50] Who is your ideal customer?

[3:00] What are you doing to be the ideal provider? 

[4:50] Are you equally being the person they want?

[5:30] The qualities of your questions

[6:30] Who do you need to become?






“When you are doing what you need to do to sit in a space of confidence. When you are dismantling your own limiting beliefs. When you are taking yourself to the next level, guess what wants to walk through the door…an equal energetic match.” 

-Meghan Walker


“The question is not where do I find these rich people who are ready to get well? The question is, who do you need to be to effortlessly attract them into your world?”

-Meghan Walker


“I believe the quality of your life is tied to the quality of your questions.”

-Meghan Walker


“Who do you need to be to attract your energetic match into your world? Whether that be your job or your ideal client. What needs to come next for you so that you are the person who effortlessly brings those other individuals into your world?”

-Meghan Walker