Are you stuck in an endless self-destructive pattern? Each of us is on our own spiritual journey, and it takes courage to acknowledge our weaknesses, but once you take ownership of your faults you can break free from the paradigm and forge a new path to your authentic self. 


On this episode of IMPACT, Meghan shares about her continued commitment to building her WORTH ethic as discussed previously in episode 311 “Why I Burned Out In 2022 & How I Am Going To Fix It.” Meghan details the shift in her physical and mental well-being after she devoted herself to an honest self-assessment. She learned that you can not free yourself from negative patterns until you acknowledge they exist.


The essential you is worthy, although your ego can prevent you from expressing your authentic self. With each experience, you develop new neural pathways and expectations that shape your worldview and behavior. Without healthy self-awareness, you can get stuck in a negative feedback loop. You can break free from learned behaviors, patterns, and the stories that keep you from stepping into your full power. 


Meghan speaks to the power of self-reflection and self-love. You can blame others for how they treat you, but you can only control how you treat yourself. As you build awareness of your inner voice, you can repair negative self-talk to stop cycles of endless negativity and self-doubt. How you treat yourself sets the standard for everyone around you. People instinctually pick up on your behavior, so be kind to yourself, and you may be surprised to find that the world is a loving arena to play in. 


This episode offers practical tips and tools for building a positive relationship with oneself, repairing negative self-talk, and breaking free from the paradigms that hold us back. Tune in to hear Meghan’s inspiring story and learn how you too can break free from negative patterns.



[2:30] Speaking my truth  

[4:50] Investing in growth 

[8:00] Mind and Body Evolution  

[12:25] Treat yourself how you want to be treated

[16:40] Be clear about what you want 

[19:30] Acknowledging your wounds 

[21:00] Busyness is a symptom of scarcity 

[23:50] It’s not your job to save everyone 






“If you can’t treat yourself the way you want to be treated, it is a really hard sell to get other people to do it for you.”

-Dr. Meghan Walker 


“Get really clear about telling what it is precisely that we want. This assumption that if we’re nice to other people they should just know, cause they love us enough, leads us down a dead road of assumptions and storytelling.”  

-Dr. Meghan Walker 


“What’s right for me doesn’t have to be right for other people to still be right for me, and it might sound so simple, but it is so profound.”  

-Dr. Meghan Walker 


“We’ve been fed a narrative that these people exist in the world who can read every single desire you have in your heart because they love you enough. What if that actually isn’t true at all? What if part of your job is to just be really clear on the things that you need to thrive physically and emotionally and with compassion you share those.”

-Dr. Meghan Walker 


“Sometimes when we are leading a movement, we need to recognize that not everyone is going to want to walk alongside that.”

-Dr. Meghan Walker