Is fear holding you back from living a joyful life? Today on IMPACT, we uncover the connection between trauma and entrepreneurship with Jennifer Gilbert, founder of Save the Date, an elite event planning firm. Jennifer shares how she created an empire by flipping the traditional event business model!


Jennifer turned a traumatic experience into motivation for a joyful life and turned her passion into a highly successful business. She recounts her journey from trauma to empowerment and the emotional rollercoaster in between. Trauma can present itself in many ways, it can be small, big, and over in an instant, but these moments impact us for the rest of our lives, but Jennifer teaches you how to reclaim your power so that you are not ruled by fear!


With fear behind her, Jennifer is now a wildly successful entrepreneur, mother, and author committed to joy, with gratitude and love in her heart! She details what it takes to make your next event memorable and teaches you how to be a master of the details!


If you are ready to end the cycle of trauma and take back control of your life, then tune into this episode of IMPACT as we flip the script on fear!




[1:50] Highlights of Jennifer’s career 

[9:25] Returning to normal life after trauma 

[16:00] Creating a joy-centered life

[20:00] Getting over the feelings of shame

[22:00] Trauma and Entrepreneurship 

[24:50] Trauma is relative 

[28:00] Reclaiming your power

[32:00] Staying calm under pressure 

[36:10] Constituents of an incredible event






“Fear is false evidence appearing real.”

– Jennifer Gilbert 


“It was just that second, I don’t know, but I was just like, you know what! You picked the wrong girl, and I just said to myself, GET UP! This is not your life, and if you allow this situation and this person to derail your dreams and your future, and what you wanted, then he may as well have killed you, so GET UP!”

-Jennifer Gilbert 


“There is no contest when it comes to how somebody feels about a situation like we’re all just in our own stuff, so it’s not a, worse or better, it’s just a relative.”  [24:50]  

-Jennifer Gilbert 


“It really is a shift, because once you realize all I can do is control myself when I wake up or control my emotions about a situation, then you take back the power in your life, and so fear doesn’t become this huge thing that is looming out there.” [28:50]

-Jennifer Gilbert 


“Incredibly triumphant things can come out of the face of trauma.” 

– Dr. Meghan Walker


“So for me I was like well it already happened and I couldn’t control it and I can’t control anything else that’s ever gonna happen in this life, but I can control myself and I can make a decision on how I’m going to handle this and who I’m going to be afterwards.”

– Jennifer Gilbert


“So I think not having fear about what’s going to happen allows you as an entrepreneur to throw your idea out there or to say I’m gonna try it cuz what’s the worst that can happen, it won’t happen. Okay, well so what else? Try something else.”

– Jennifer Gilbert