This week, Meghan is bringing the heat with a paradigm-shifting episode of IMPACT that will transform the way you approach your business. It’s a jam-packed episode that’s filled to the brim with 5 game-changing boss moves to help you achieve your full potential as a CEO and leader.


From the very start of the episode, Meghan will challenge your limiting beliefs and mindset blocks that may be holding you back. You’ll learn how to get crystal clear on your vision, tap into your inner confidence, and ditch the need to constantly prove yourself to others.


But that’s just the beginning! Meghan dives deep into the practical side of running a successful business, providing actionable tips and strategies to help you maintain a strong work ethic and cultivate consistency to build long-term success.


And the best part? Meghan delivers this wealth of knowledge in a way that will leave you feeling energized and inspired to take action.


So if you’re ready to accelerate your success and transform the way you approach your business, you won’t want to miss this powerhouse episode of IMPACT with Meghan! 




[2:00] Holding space for your power

[6:00] Get clarity on your goals and values 

[8:40] Trust your own decisions 

[10:00] Speaking from authority

[12:00] Rise above the prove it energy

[12:49] Self-authorized state

[16:00] Fear of judgment 

[19:30] Committing to consistency

[24:00] The Impactful CEO

[26:00] Design your Care strategy







The Impactful CEO


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“You have to be very clear on the values you bring to the table so you know whether you have alignment from the person across from you.”


-Dr. Meghan Walker 


“If you are constantly asking for proof itself or you’re finding your patients are constantly asking for proof when they walk into your office, I want you to check in around where the fracture is with respect to trust.”


-Dr. Meghan Walker 


“If you are curious about where you might be sabotaging your own success, one of the places I would look at is how consistently you have followed through on your commitments.”


-Dr. Meghan Walker 


“A self-authorized state is the consequence of trusting yourself. Trusting that you are in the right place at the right time. Doing the work so that you have the power, and strength to hold a presence in a particular room. Whether that is across from your client or whether that is in decision-making in your business. This ownership of authority is sometimes something we have not been socialized to have.”


Dr. Meghan Walker


“If you make the decision to hand power to this lateral validation crew, then what happens is, you are giving permission to their opinions to set your standard for success.” 


Dr. Meghan Walker


“If you decide that the opinions of your colleagues matter, then what happens is, you’re going to be held back to the lowest common denominator level.” 


Dr. Meghan Walker