This week on IMPACT, Adele Tevlin is shaking things up with a conversation that may trigger some female entrepreneurs. It’s time to stop reacting and start setting boundaries that protect your values.


Are you struggling to express your boundaries? Adele has a powerful message for you. When it comes to contracts, there must be mutual love and respect for each other’s non-negotiable values. Adele will shift your understanding of contracts and reveal what happens when you cross boundaries in business.


As a holistic nutritionist and mindset coach for female entrepreneurs, Adele understands the power of contracts as a sacred tool that upholds a code of conduct, even when emotions run high. When you fall out of alignment with the divine feminine and begin acting from the wounded feminine, you may fall into destructive patterns. 


In business, anger is a destructive force, but Adele has the solution. By formulating a contract that protects your values, you can avoid toxic behaviours like manipulation and aggression with your associates. Setting boundaries is an act of love for yourself and those who enter into a contract with you. It’s time to start operating with integrity and create a sacred contract that truly supports your success.


Ready to become solution-oriented and balance your boundaries with empathy? Don’t miss this enlightening conversation with Adele Tevlin.



[4:00] The wounded feminine 

[7:45] The energetics of how women do business

[10:00] Adele’s come to Jesus moment

[15:00] The shadow side of the fractured feminine

[20:00] Contracts provide clarity when you question yourself

[24:30] Boundaries are an act of love

[31:00] Your word is law

[34:00] Balancing boundaries with compassion

[36:00] Conditioned responses 

[39:40] Boundaries versus a standard

[42:00] Navigating difficult conversations








“When a woman is in her healthy feminine, she’s powerful. When she’s in her divine feminine, she’s grounded, she’s powerful, she’s full of integrity, she’s in her most mature state, but when a woman is in her fractured feminine, and she’s got her back against the wall or she’s triggered, she goes into things like being a victim. She goes into behaviors like manipulation.” 

Adele Tevlin


“It’s all unicorns and rainbows when you’re happy, but the minute something goes wrong, all of us are primordial minds that will go into defensiveness or reaction, so intelligence is actually low. The contract is there to serve as that sacred template, no matter what the circumstances are.”  

Adele Tevlin 


“Boundaries are compassionate. Boundaries are an act of love. Boundaries are a communion between two people that says, “I respect you, you respect me.”

Adele Tevlin


“What am I telling my consciousness if I don’t uphold my contract? My contract means nothing. And for me, my word is law.”

Adele Tevlin


“When we can heal collectively as women we have the power to really change not just the world but the fabric of how women do business together and the impact that we can have.”

Adele Tevlin


“Most people operate their business with standards rather than boundaries.”

Adele Tevlin


“There’s a part two of this conversation which is how to have difficult conversations cuz we’re not good at that. So I think sometimes we resort to manipulation because it saves us from having to have a challenging conversation. And in our own mind it reconciles the situation to make it the other person’s fault.”

Dr. Meghan Walker



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