You officially have permission to be lazy! Yes, you read that right. On this episode of IMPACT, we scientifically dismantle the myth that hard work yields the best results and teach you how to optimize your human potential! This week’s guest is the father of biohacking, Dave Asprey. With the help of his revolutionary time-saving approach to health, he has authored 4 New York Times best-selling books and is well on his way to his fifth with his latest book Smarter Not Harder! 


If you want to maximize your IMPACT, Asprey’s protocol will eliminate hours of unnecessary work and will actually make you more productive than ever. As an entrepreneur, your time is valuable, and fighting your body’s natural propensity for laziness is actually hindering you in the long run. 


The harder you push yourself, the deeper your body goes into survival mode rendering your vigorous exercise and perfect diet useless. Your body cannot distinguish exercise from survival stress, so those intense workouts convince your body that your life is at stake. Asprey teaches you how to quickly trick your operating system into fight or flight mode and then efficiently reset back into rest and recovery. This quick transition mimics the body’s natural rhythm of short bursts of high stress balanced by long-lasting laziness. You really only need a 5-minute exercise a few times a week to produce the best results possible!


Imagine all that you can achieve with all that extra time available to you! In this episode, Dave Asprey, is true to his word and teaches you how to work Smarter Not Harder!

Listen now and get ready to challenge everything you thought you knew about productivity.



[7:00] People want to help you and allowing them to do so is an act of service

[8:30] The hero’s journey into biohacking 

[11:50] The nonsensical surgical approach to children’s health 

[13:50] Combining the medical mindset with the hacking mindset

[14:30] The separate intelligence controlling your body

[16:10] Mitochondria are assessing your reality and deciding your fate on a cellular level

[20:20] Changing the way your system interprets reality so you can be calm and achieve more

[22:00] Manifestation is the process of interfacing with your operating system

[25:10] Your lag time on reality gets slower as you age 

[30:16] Slope of the curve biology: returning to baseline quicker 

[35:10] Very brief bouts of pain spike dopamine and make you happier 

[38:00] Focus on building your energy because doing the work without energy is torture

[43:20] The difference between the operating system of a man versus a woman 

[51:25] You gain courage when you lose your fear of dying 



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“First thing I would’ve said would be to understand that people actually want to help you and when you let them help you, you are performing an active service. That would’ve been really, really helpful cuz I was toiling under the mindset that I had to do everything myself because no one would help me or wanted to help me.”

-Dave Asprey


“When you look at the human body, there is probably a separate intelligence running your meat, that is not you and is faster than you!  

-Dave Asprey


“There is no one who wants to be healthy as their first thing except people who are incredibly sick like I was when I had chronic fatigue. When you can’t get out of bed because you’re sick, when you think you might die, that’s when you want your health back.” 


-Dave Asprey


“When you really learn how to manifest what you’re doing is, you’re interfacing with your operating system and you’re getting in alignment and you’re telling it that it is safe and should expect to see something, and when it expects to see something, it will see it and when it sees it, it’s real.”   


-Dave Asprey


“Your immune cells the mast cells, they’re looking for potential threats and when they find one they explode and release all sorts of mitochondrial signaling molecules called inflammatory cytokines, so if you were to just look at mast cells and look at mitochondrial function, you would solve about 90% of what’s going on in medicine.”  


-Dave Asprey


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