The age of transactional care is coming to an end! Artificial Intelligence is disrupting every industry and medicine is no exception. On this episode of IMPACT, host Dr. Meghan Walker tested this theory and asked ChatGPT to create a plan for menopausal women and it formulated a program that could easily replace the first 4 visits with most doctors. What does this mean for care providers? It means that you need to provide more than just the essentials, you need to provide transformational care!


You won’t help people by lowering costs, if you want to truly help your patients you need to innovate what you offer. Creating a signature system in your clinical practice, not only helps your patients but also future proofs your business against AI innovations. 


Meghan maps out how to design a transformational care plan using her A.C.T.I.O.N framework, just 6 steps that will take your practice to a whole new level to attract clients and keep them. To provide life changing care, you need to be specific about exactly who you intend to transform and how you’re going to do it. Serving everyone usually serves no one, so commiting to a niche is an important step in crafting your signature system.


By stepping outside the norms of care, you will set yourself apart from practitioners who are strictly transactional. Creating a system aimed at transformation gives patients emotional support, resources and a deeper understanding of what is happening in their own body.  


Want to take this A.C.T.I.O.N framework, break it down to the granular level and build out your signature approach to care? Then join Meghan on March 9th at her Signature Care System Implementation Lab. By the end of the day, you’ll have gotten actual work done to create a unique care plan that will attract clients, add another barrier between yourself and a technology like ChatGPT, future-proof your business, and move it away from a series of transactions and into a transformational experience. 


Listen to this week’s episode and register for The Signature Care System Implementation Lab with Dr. Meghan Walker on March 9th from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m EST at


Let’s set a new standard for care and take your business to a whole new level!



[4:10] Is Artificial Intelligence an existential threat to humanity?

[7:30] How AI is quickly going to disrupt every industry, even the medical industry 

[12:00] AI is increasing it’s intelligence at a compounded and exponential rate

[13:30] How to mitigate your risks against AI within your practice

[15:10] Leaving the old model behind and forging a transformational approach to care 

[20:00] Designing a care plan that enables patients to transform

[23:40] Identifying the niche that you are offering transformation to

[27:50] Moving away from appointment setting based on blocks of time into the function of it

[31:40] Tapping into the  A.C.T.I.O.N framework

[44:30] March 9th: Designing your signature care system



Signature Care Implementation Lab with Dr. Meghan Walker on Thursday, March 9th 10 – 4 EST



“This is not because I am sitting her with massive amounts of data and evidence that your particular industry, medical practitioners, naturopathic doctors, functional medicine docs, TCM practitioners, all of you are necessarily going to be threatened by this but I can say it is likely to disrupt what you are doing.”

Dr. Meghan Walker


“When you are delivering a transformational experience, when you design your own signature care system, you create another barrier between yourself and a technology like ChatGPT.”   

Dr. Meghan Walker


“When you’re designing out transformation and you are delivering it as the strategist, I want you to think of it as a hat. Any clinician can wear any type of hat. It’s the strategist who earns the most because it’s the strategist who has the most responsibility. It’s the strategist who designs and refines the transformational process.”  

Dr. Meghan Walker


“For patients, when they can get a more comprehensive, insightful understanding of what’s happening in their body, it significantly elevates compliance.” 

Dr. Meghan Walker


“I want to examine this topic from a really objective place because I think one of the thinking traps we could move into on this is that, oh, I’ve got time because I’m in one of these impenetrable vocations that’s not necessarily gonna be on the first target hit list for artificial intelligence.”

Dr. Meghan Walke


“One of the cool things that we see when we move someone from a transactional system of care to a transformational system of care is we actually see those patients and those practitioners working with one another three times longer. There is a financial benefit to that because you are interacting with that patient three times longer.”

Dr. Meghan Walker


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