Do you feel disempowered by your assumptions around money? This week on IMPACT, Dr. Meghan Walker is busting the money myths and mindset mistakes that are dictating your relationship with money so you can break free from limiting beliefs and take control of your financial future.

 Throughout the episode, Meghan breaks down the four levels of her money mindset framework, so you can assess where you are in your relationship with money. Building your future state begins with being ruthlessly honest and truly acknowledging where you are and where you would like to be. Once you know what level you’re playing at, you can adjust your mindset and take on a new course of action to change the trajectory of your finances. 

Your parents’ attitude towards finances, your past financial blunders, and your expectation around money heavily influence your beliefs of what is financially possible. This is why Meghan also breaks down the 7 tools you need to shift your relationship with money into a higher vibration to toss aside your limiting beliefs and grab hold of the financial situation you desire.

And what if we treated and committed to our relationship with money the way we do our other relationships? Then what might be possible? 

Tune in to this week’s episode to find out!

Oh and FYI, you’re going to want to make sure you’re in front of your keyboard, ready to go in your notes section on your phone or with paper and pen in hand to capture all the crucial information Meghan lays down to shift your relationship with money today.



[2:00] When the mind decides that something is impossible

[5:20] Your ardent belief that it is not possible is the only thing keeping it from happening

[7:30] The psychology of money and the dangers of categorizing yourself with limiting beliefs 

[9:40] Understanding what your origin level is within the framework of quantum wealth  

[11:40] The lie that money comes from outside forces and is unattainable 

[15:35] Hoarding your money clocks the fluidity of money and shuts off financial creativity 

[21:23] Knowing what game you’re playing and honestly accessing the level you’re at

[24:30] Building a skill set and a strategy to deploy your investment into your growth

[28:10] Be ruthlessly honest with yourself and acknowledging your current financial situation

[29:25] Get clear on what you need to earn, what you want to earn and understand why

[33:25] Identifying your money leaks,  so you can put systems in play to form a better outcome

[34:50] Categorize the money myths from your childhood and creating alternative possibilities 

[37:30] Describe your new relationship with money and take responsibility for your part in it





“When it comes to achieving a future outcome, losing weight, building wealth; the part of our brain that protects us from putting in too much effort only to be disappointed, it is fully lit up in both of these paths.” 


Dr. Meghan Walker


“Shift the mindset pieces, so that you are open to making different decisions, and when you  make different decisions and align them with different actions, you get a different outcome. That’s just the way building a future state works.”


Dr. Meghan Walker


“The more we say “I’m not like them”, without actually understanding what they are like, we encase ourselves in the energy of the work, win windfall vibration, and it is a vibration and it’s a very disempowering vibration frankly, because you have no control of your financial destiny.” 


Dr. Meghan Walker


“If you don’t believe your actions are actually going to warrant any kind of outcome for you, you’re not gonna take them in the first place. And so we have to shift that belief system and to shift that belief system, what we really need to do is we have to lift the veil on the story.”

Dr. Meghan Walker

“The core thinking trap that defines that “win work windfall” level is that money comes from other sources, money comes from work, money comes because I want it in a lottery or money comes because I inherited it. And if those things don’t happen for you, it’s like you just can’t see that there are any other ways that money may come into your life.”

Dr. Meghan Walker


“I can’t wait to help you change more lives, have more impact, and put more money in your pocket along the way.”

Dr. Meghan Walker


Your relationship with money is fluid and it can continue to grow. Once you have developed acumen and language around money, there’s an opportunity to move to the next level. 

Our numbers will all be different. We’re all playing a different game here, but the lens that I don’t want you to approach this with is one of righteousness because it’s actually a symptom of money shame. 


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