Get ready for a game changing episode of IMPACT! You’ve certainly never heard an episode like this before. 

This is for two reasons. 

One, because host Dr. Meghan Walker drops powerful truths about entrepreneurship and reflects on her own experience with burnout at the end of 2022. Meghan loves her work and this feeling of burn out was not a result of work overload. It was actually the result of client relations that had failed to honor their sacred contract. After some self reflection, Meghan realized she was stuck in self created resentment because she failed to set and uphold her own boundaries. She was taking ownership of others’ emotional issues which prevented them from following through on their agreed upon financial responsibilities. By allowing others to negate their own commitments, she denied them and herself the opportunity to grow. 

A much needed break over Christmas and the New Year resulted in the perfect time to recognize that leading to the next level meant setting clear boundaries and by holding people accountable to their commitments she was elevating how they operate in the world of business. 

And two, because Meghan sets the stage for the trajectory of the podcast in 2023. And it’s massive. It’s exciting. And it is definitely going to lead to major IMPACT. 

Meghan has committed to focusing on the concept of a “worth ethic” – the activities, commitments, and decisions that elevate our value as leaders and help us avoid burnout. That expands our capacity for contribution, for vision and where we can go next. And so this year, the content of the IMPACT podcast is going to focus exactly on this! 

Meghan will pursue ideas that take us to the fringe, explore concepts that might make you feel uncomfortable and discuss topics that in an instant are going to shed from you, the stories and the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.

Follow along with the IMPACT podcast and you can expect to master your worth ethic and thrive as a leader in 2023!



[2:30] For the first time Meghan experienced burnout. She had nothing left in her and felt unmotivated 

[4:30] Gaining perspective on the things that were holding her back

[5:50] Gaining clarity on the things driving her burnout

[7:20] How resentment was the culmination of poor boundaries 

[8:30] Meghan’s resentment 

[9:25] Taking ownership and letting clients off the hook for their emotional state

[10:50] Manipulative conversations that left her feeling responsible for clients negligence

[11:50] Realizing it was her duty to set and hold boundaries 

[12:40] The sacred contract and enforcing compassionate boundaries 

[13:45] Holding people accountable to their commitments elevates how they operate in business 

[17:20] Committing to worth ethic: the decisions that expand our capacity as a leader 

[18:20] Redefining your worth ethic in 2023 





“Resentment, for me, was always accompanied by having poor boundaries in a particular area. When I become resentful of someone or a situation it is usually because I was not clear in articulating or because I didn’t know what my boundaries were at any given moment.”

Dr. Meghan Walker

“I was witnessing, in real time, how I was enabling other people to sabotage their own commitments, with respect  to money, and I too was acting out a pattern that I had become familiar with in my own life.” 

Dr. Meghan Walker

“I was just sort of in denial. I was in denial of acknowledging it. I was in denial of how I was gonna have to address it. And then even as I turned on my mic to record this, I was in denial of having to admit it to my listeners.”

Dr. Meghan Walker

“I am an empathetic person and I am an empathetic person with boundaries in progress.And one of the things I realized I was consistently doing is I was taking ownership for what was happening in their emotional state and the way I was taking ownership of it, which is really none of my business to do, and not part of what my sacred contract with these clients is all about. I was letting people off the hook for having to pay and follow up.”

Dr. Meghan Walker

“It also enabled me to get really clear on this idea of a sacred contract. This idea that when you engage in business with someone or you make a commitment to someone, that you give them your word. And when you give someone your word more than checking that box in the terms of conditions or any other pieces, this is a reflection of your integrity and your brand.”

Dr. Meghan Walker


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