Unleash your inner power with host Meghan Walker as she dives into the world of female leadership, financial health, and wealth on this week’s episode of IMPACT! Meghan sits down with three accomplished women: Mary Shores, Adele Tevlin, and April Stroink who share their insights on how to embrace your feminine energy, overcome confidence gaps, and cultivate self-love to achieve financial and personal success. 

As women leaders, it’s essential for us to embrace our feminine energy, not just our masculine energy. This means leading from a place of empowerment using collaboration, empathy, and compassion. This can be difficult to do when we’re surrounded by men in similar roles, but cultivating self-love and a sense of abundance is crucial when it comes to our ability to achieve our goals.

The discussion also touches on the importance of keeping emotion out of money decisions and realizing that health and wealth go hand in hand. Financial health is one of the pillars of our overall health, and when we’re successful financially and have a healthy relationship with money, we’re able to serve people in our communities and have a greater impact.

This week’s episode of IMPACT is a must-listen for any woman looking to improve her leadership skills, achieve financial success, and build a healthy mindset. Don’t miss out on this valuable conversation and tune in now to benefit from the wisdom and experiences of these powerhouse leaders.



[3:06] Background on Adele Tevlin

[8:08] Background on Mary Shores

[14:50] Background on April Stroink

[19:58] Why the gender gap is really a confidence gap

[23:33] Why it’s important to have policies and procedures

[41:48] Tips on asking for money

[52:57] Handling household finances

[59:14] Two ways to pay yourself















“For women in leadership, I sometimes feel like I’m walking the plank and I’m alone. It’s my own limiting beliefs.”

Dr. Meghan Walker


“I believe in the power of empathy and compassion in order to create an ultimate rapport and connection with your patients.”

Mary Shores


“We have to drop this emotional charge we have over the people that owe us money. We need to be able to let that go.”

Mary Shores


“You build up your container, you fill yourself up, you fill up your capacity to lead and to love, and then you’re overflowing with it because love is infinite.”

Adele Tevlin


“We all have a masculine and feminine energy, or part of us, it’s kind of like the ying and the yang.”

Adele Tevlin


“The biggest mistake that I see business owners make is chasing the top line and really getting away from the core of their business.”

April Stroink


“Part of being a female leader is about balance. When you self care, mentally, emotionally, and physically you actually expand your capacity for all the pieces. That is why it is a limiting belief, ladies, that you don’t have time for yourself. The secret to being able to do more is actually to do more for yourself.” 

Dr. Meghan Walker


“There’s a part of your brain that when you visualize, it’s actually using the same neural networks as if you are actually practicing it. So visualization is key. 

Adele Tevlin

“Understanding financial health and how to get there and how to wrap your mindset around it is absolutely going to distinguish you when it comes to how you’re working with your patients.”

Dr. Meghan Walker

“I so often see that the business is running the owner versus the other way around.” 

April Stroink


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