This week’s episode of IMPACT is one for the books! It combines interviews with two of Meghan Walker’s previous guests whose insight and knowledge surrounding mindset and self-authorization is astounding. 


Dr. Shyamala Kiru, a registered psychotherapist and family and couple therapist works in particular with high-performing, high achieving women and mothers who are juggling multiple roles and identities. She discusses with Meghan that to navigate our relationships and improve our quality of life we must master our ability to communicate assertively. When each person in a relationship is responsive and not reactive, where they can make choices from an informed and self-regulated place, the relationship will thrive. When we access our emotional intelligence we have the capacity for incredible impact. 


David Bayer, a motivational coach, digital entrepreneur and author of is one of the emerging thought leaders in the evolution of mindset. He believes that using your mind to rewire and reorganize the brain is the linchpin of human evolution. There are two states of being – powerful and primal. Powerful states include happiness, joy, calm and curiosity. Stress, anxiety, overwhelm and fear being primal states. If we give ourselves permission to feel good enough, then we exist in the powerful state. The fears diminish and happiness and abundance rule, giving us the opportunity to have a greater impact in the world. Live in your joy, calm and peace to have that powerful living experience.


We need to identify the things we can control and the things we can’t, and take radical responsibility for our own happiness and mindset. The journey is about knowing yourself at a deeper level and removing the resistance that’s there in the form of thinking so that you can decide to do something new moving forward. 


Appropriately enough, what each conversation boils down to is that self-authorization and a healthy mindset leave room for impact. If you’re ready to see the lies in the untruth that you’ve been telling yourself then this is an episode you cannot afford to miss. 


Tune in now and get ready to take responsibility for your mindset and happiness!




[2:11] Background of Shyamala

[4:45] Background of David

[11:24] Shyamala’s struggles being a new mom

[13:19] David’s two states of being: powerful and primal

[15:52] Why we need to take radical responsibility for our own mindset

[26:30] One of the biggest sources of stress conflict in couples

[30:04] The psycho cybernetic loop

[35:05] How to change the experiences of your life

[41:48] Positioning your business in the marketplace







“I have seen time and time again the correlation between our ability to really master our mindset, our ability to communicate assertively or communicate with confidence and how that really feeds into our ability to navigate our relationships well.”

Dr. Shyamala Kiru


“We are focused on helping as many people in their personal suffering as possible so that we can collectively create the future of the world that we all share.”

David Bayer


“This next evolution of personal growth, which is defined as utilizing the mind to rewire and reorganize the brain, is the linchpin of the evolution of the entire human species.”

David Bayer


“When we’re in rest and reconnection and recharging, that’s when we’re connected to inspiration and creativity and flow states and an intelligence that is greater than ourselves.”

David Bayer


“The only two things we can control are what we think and what we do.”

Dr. Shyamala Kiru


“When we look at the couple’s system, it is actually strongest when each individual is executing at their fullest potential. So when each individual partner is executing in a way where they have a hold of their mindset, where they’re really able to be responsive and not reactive, where they’re really able to make choices from an informed and self-regulated place, that is when relationships are at their strongest.”

Dr. Shyamala Kiru


“In my opinion, we can’t talk about relationship strategies, whether it’s parenting or whether it’s around intimacy, unless we talk about the mindset piece.”

Dr. Shyamala Kiru


“We need to take radical responsibility for our mindset and own happiness because if we don’t do that we can’t be there for our kids, we can’t navigate our relationships and we certainly can’t show up as our professional selves.” 

Dr. Shyamala Kiru


“Your thoughts are an extension of your core beliefs. And then you experience those thoughts as feelings. So your beliefs produce your thoughts, your thoughts you experience as feelings. Those feelings motivate or demotivate action or activity. And the action and activity produce results. And then those results reinforce the core belief. And so this is referred to as  a psycho cybernetic loop.”

David Bayer


“That whole journey is about coming to know thyself at a deeper level and removing any of the resistance that’s there in the form of thinking and seeing the lies in the untruth that you’ve been telling yourself while knowing that you can decide something new moving forward.”

David Bayer


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