On this week’s episode of IMPACT, host Meghan Walker wraps up The Future Of Health series by laying out the upcoming 2023 leading trends in healthcare and wellness from the Global Wellness Institute.


One trend will be increasing connections between our own health and the health and diversity of our environment. The second trend is around technological wellness and the effect of blue light from our devices. More conversations about how technology needs to be managed will be necessary as we move closer to optimal states of wellness.


We will also see more innovations in independent living and home care for seniors to maintain and prolong their quality of life. Wellness travel will also become more popular, incorporating activities like meditation for deep emotional and physical healing along with adventure travel.


A revolution in women’s health will be another big trend, especially with the use of artificial intelligence to make decisions about the specific needs and nature of women. And urban bathhouses and wellness playgrounds will become more popular as community centers, instead of local bars, for example.


Another trend will be health coaching, where we can use a health coach to hold us accountable for our health and wellness. And count on the metaverse – the digital world – to transform our healthcare practices through sharing of information and strategies that can be brought back to the real world.


IMPACT medicine and the delivery of care and health optimization will be a major trend in developing eco-systems of possibility for clinicians to help people take their health to the next level.


This Future Of Health series wrap up episode contains advantageous information about the trends that will start to shift health care globally over the next 12–18 months. We can all benefit from the detail included in this episode about these trends so take a listen and be prepared for the Future of Health!




[2:44] The definition of IMPACT Medicine

[4:21] The opportunity for entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry

[6:45] Trend 1: The environment

[7:54] Trend 2: Technological wellness

[9:42] Trend 3: Senior living spaces and independence

[11:26] Trend 4: Wellness travel

[13:41] Trend 5: Focus on women’s health research using AI

[15:57] Trend 6: Urban bathhouses and wellness playgrounds

[17:32] Trend 7: Health coaching

[19:27] Trend 8: Role of the metaverse in optimal health

[22:08] Bonus trend: IMPACT Medicine

[24:04] What Impactful CEO program is all about






The Impactful CEO 


IMPACT Medicine Book





“As we look to the massive global industry, there are some keywords that continue to come up with consumers of healthcare on the wellness side of their journey. One of the core words is the word ‘better’.”

  • Meghan Walker


“We help more people not by lowering the cost of expensive one-on-one care, but by innovating our offering.

  • Meghan Walker


 “In the next era of healthcare, better health will be accessed not through the confined doors of practitioners, but through an opportunity for people to hold health in their own hands.”

  • Meghan Walker


“Impact medicine is the delivery of care and health optimization that happens on the opposite side of the line of fine.”

  • Meghan Walker


“There’s going to be more and more conversations around how our technology use needs to be managed to move closer to optimal states of wellness and health.”   

  • Meghan Walker


“I think the metaverse is going to afford an opportunity for people to explore ideas of health and mental health in a way they might not be able to access emotionally or financially in our regular physical world.”

  • Meghan Walker