The Future Of Health series continues on IMPACT with guest Harry Massey, a forward-thinking bioenergetic researcher who owns several companies that build bioenergetic tools to quantify what’s happening in the energetic field.


Massey talks with Dr. Meghan Walker about some of the ways energy can be leveraged for healing and prevention to create a higher quality of living in the future. His efforts were born out of severe disability in his twenties after climbing accidents, which built up toxins and autoimmune viruses in his body.


After that, he and a colleague mapped out the energy and information of the human body field as an energetic control system, to see how energy works within different tissues and cells. Ideas from physics were also combined with alternative holistic medicine.


The body acts on two systems – the chemical system and the communication system, which is instantaneous. 70 trillion cells in the body are operating in their own function every single second. How can this help your health? Information can be directly inputted into your operating system so get different tissues and cells to respond in certain ways to improve their condition.


Environment also plays a huge role and Massey believes that 90% of your health outcome is your environment, not genetics. Massey’s company, NES Health, has created a Biogen Wellness System where you can basically scan the energy of your organs through your different meridians and mind-body connection and then recommend pharmaceuticals that will trigger a healing response for injuries and pain.


Emotions play a significant role as well – with gratitude, intention, surrender and trust being paramount in your daily practice. The more you’re in those heart-centered states, the more the universe will respond to your intentions.


Harry Massey is such a proponent of the future of health and this fascinating conversation provides valuable information about bioenergetics. It offers lots to consider. Take a listen!



[7:35] Harry Massey’s personal story

[16:23] Two types of control systems in the body

[18:52] Energy of the plant kingdom

[19:30] The five-element theory

[23:57] Covid studies to help healing

[32:59] Biogen Wellness System

[39:37] Energy preservation and emotional triggers

[41:02] The importance of gratitude, intention, surrender, trust and other positive emotions

[44:18] The convergence of pharmaceutical and bioenergy fields in the future







“The cutting edge is really looking at how information that’s carried within, what we’re calling this energetic control system or field-based control system — the effects that information can have on the body.”

– Harry Massey


“What you’re actually doing in your habits and how you’re living is actually more important than your genetics.”

– Harry Massey


“Einstein said the sole governing force of the particle is the field. What he meant by that is this fundamental information actually governs energy, which in turn is actually creating the physical reality.”

– Harry Massey

“I see healthcare and health as being one coin and there’s two sides. The chemistry side is totally legitimate, but the bio side should be its equal partner.”

– Harry Massey


“If your use of energy is more efficient, then you end up with a higher level of energy available. You know, what we would call “body battery.” Then you have more energy left over for healing and living longer.”

– Harry Massey


“The universe will bring in your intentions, but it doesn’t necessarily do it in a way that you might see as logical. It might come with a little bit of conflict, but that’s really where the surrender and trust comes in.”

– Harry Massey