The Future of Health series continues on IMPACT as Meghan is joined by Kristi Holt, the CEO and co-founder of Vibeonix, a company that quantifies voices to give us insight into emotional intelligence, using AI and data points. 


Analyzing your voice frequencies helps to make you aware of where you are emotionally so you can change it in the future. Vibeonix has created a unique algorithm to help users not just understand emotional intelligence but actually improve it and apply it to daily life.


It works by measuring resonance, tone and intonation in the voice, as well as the frequency of what is carrying the information. With this knowledge, we can start predicting emotional patterns, therefore predicting different diseases in the body to prevent it from ever happening.


This technology is all about being more aware and smarter about ourselves as human beings to bring us back to ourselves. From that space, we can create anything — we can heal and empower ourselves to embody who we want to be. We can IMPACT.


Check out this episode to learn more about this groundbreaking technology and business. 



[5:28] Who Kristi is and her entrepreneurial history

[11:44] Kristi’s decision to have children

[15:11] How quantifying emotional intelligence through voice works

[20:21] How Vibeonix came up with their patented algorithm

[24:06] How the voice is measured for emotional intelligence

[28:56] How technology and AI can help us with interconnection in health in the coming decades

[34:18] Vibeonix 2.0 as a business-to-business program





“When I heard that your voice is literally carrying the resonance of your energy systems inside of you, it was a mind blow for me, and something so profound told me that this was real.”

– Kristi Holt


“Our goal as a company, and this is what aligns with my values most, is to reflect it back to the users. So users can understand their emotional intelligence, see it, quantify it, and improve it.”

– Kristi Holt 


“We can measure emotional intelligence through resonance in the body and then how the body is projecting that resonance.”

– Kristi Holt 


“Tone and intonation is part of it, but it’s so much more than that. We’re measuring the frequency, and frequency is what carries information. We are also able to measure how much control you have and how much you’re actually expressing emotion.”

– Kristi Holt  


“We can start looking at the body and find correlation to the voice, to the emotion, then we’ll be able to start predicting emotional patterns, therefore predicting different diseases in the body.” 

– Kristi Holt  


“I think technology’s going to help us remember the power within.”

– Kristi Holt 


“Why I love emotional intelligence is it brings you back to you. And then from that space you can create anything. You can heal, you can empower, you embody.”

– Kristi Holt 


“When we ignore, suppress and avoid emotion, we are ignoring, suppressing and avoiding our ability to live. And we’re here to live. We’re here to experience and all of these emotions are for us to experience. They are not who we are.”                                                                       

– Kristi Holt  


“People are challenging the system that we’ve been told is the truth.”

– Kristi Holt