On this week’s episode of IMPACT, Dr. Meghan Walker is joined by Dr. Sachin Patel, an innovative leader in functional medicine, founder of the Living Proof Institute and author of the best-selling book, Perfect Practice. He believes that every patient can become their own doctor to help heal themselves.


So many of the poor health conditions and diseases that people face today are preventable, but most people just don’t know the basics of preventive care and good health. With the right tools and capacity for empowerment, patients can have a role in reversing the symptoms of disease themselves. 


Dr. Patel believes the things that are sabotaging people’s health are not detectable through lab tests. They are things like relationships, the lighting in their home, their lack of connection with nature, not knowing how to breathe intentionally and not getting enough restful sleep. It’s important to recognize the factors that are making you unhealthy so that you can turn them around and find solutions.


It all comes down to wearable technology where patients can see how they’re getting better and increase their own self-awareness and positive reinforcement. And doctors can coach their patients better by looking at the data from the technology. Patients love it because now they’re being held accountable, and doctors love it because they have more data points to work with and show the power of what they do.


Wearable technology can help in reducing weight and pain, hypertension, diabetes and so much more. It’s also important to learn how to breathe intentionally, realign your circadian rhythms and get restful deep sleep. Taking care of the body in these ways leads to transformational change, not just in your physical journey but also in your mental and emotional journey.


Enjoy listening to this episode which leaves you with so much to consider. 




[4:20] How HRV works

[4:49] The importance of deep sleep 

[8:37] 30 Ways in 30 Days Program

[10:40] 3 key pillars to focus on

[12:40] How we can love more by taking away pain and scarcity

[22:59] How to “do you” and stand in your highest vibration











“The big thing for me is focusing on how to help people become their own practitioner and live a life that unleashes that. And what we realize is that can actually be systemized because as unique and as different as we are, there’s some basic foundational things that we all need as human beings.”

– Sachin Patel


“We don’t need more doctors, practitioners, nurses, or even functional medicine practitioners. We need more healthy people. We don’t have to wait until they get sick to unlock their potential.”

 – Sachin Patel


“A really important thing for people to understand, even as practitioners for us to understand, is that the things that are sabotaging people’s health, there are no supplements or lab tests for.” 

– Sachin Patel 


“Now you can wear an aura ring or other devices and you can get amazing information about yourself with such a short feedback loop so you can make decisions in real time.”

– Sachin Patel 


“Many people don’t know how to use their breath to override their stress response and get into a parasympathetic state, where we heal, repair, regenerate every cell tissue organ in our body.” 

– Sachin Patel


“You become the purveyor of intergenerational health when you can teach just one person how to make that transition.” 

– Dr. Meghan Walker


“I’m not doctoring you back to health, I’m just teaching you the basics of how your body works, and then you can make informed and educated decisions about if you want to do that or not. You can become a healing machine.”

– Sachin Patel


“There’s no system of healthcare that can save you from yourself.”

– Sachin Patel


“My job is not trying to save you money. I’m trying to help you live an amazing life so that you can spend your money on the things you want to spend it on.”

– Sachin Patel


“As practitioners, we need to first and foremost discover who we are so that we can show up in our most powerful way and that’s gonna attract the right people and it’s gonna repel the wrong people.”

– Sachin Patel