Welcome to another episode from “The Future of Health” series. This series will explore and discuss new ideas on the horizon in the healthcare industry. Energetic medicine is the focus of this week’s episode as Meghan is joined by Dr. Jesse Pierce, a licensed naturopathic doctor who uses frequencies to treat complex chronic illness. Meghan and Jessie discuss how we are bombarded by frequencies daily and how this influences the electromagnetics of our cells in negative and positive ways.


A frequency is something you can’t see; it’s basically the rate at which sound or current is produced and registered in the body. We have frequencies running through our bodies constantly. By improving the body’s energetic frequency, we can help our bodies heal from a multitude of problems and calm inflammation. 


Frequencies are delivered by sound, in water or through current that runs through the body to help it heal. Acupressure is one way to tap into those frequencies. By inserting small needles, the energy in certain meridians can be moved and blockages cleared.


Dr. Pierce also uses a tiny box with wires attached that sends out specific microcurrents. This can help shift the brain from trauma or shift the body from inflammation stemming from mold, Lyme disease, autoimmune conditions and more. Such microcurrents can also reset our genetics to improve how well our body can function over time.


Frequency medicine is additionally used to treat acute injuries and physical pain. It can aid in anxiety and depression, fatigue, fibromyalgia and even weight loss. The more we feel healthy, aligned and balanced on an energetic level, the better off we all are. 


Energetic medicine is the new frontier in healing. Listen to this week’s episode to learn why!




[3:29] Why quantum energy is difficult to accept for some people

[9:21] Different ways to deliver frequencies

[14:01] Different conditions that can be treated through frequencies

[15:50] An example of using frequency to help someone with psychological trauma

[23:19] Things that can lower your frequency or vibration

[24:22] Why blue light is hard on our bodies

[32:00] Example of a woman who lost weight by listening to a song









The Super Happy song – https://drjessepierce.com/frequencies




“We can only see 3 – 5% with our vision of everything that exists. So accepting quantum energy and quantum physics as a way to help us heal is really hard to understand for some.”

– Jesse Pierce


“You may not be aware of it, but we’re actually picking up on frequency at all times, 24/7.”

– Jesse Pierce


“You can’t just use frequency and expect to get a hundred percent better. You always have to look at the underlying cause of why things got dysregulated in the first place.”

– Jesse Pierce


“The vagus nerve really does help play a role in controlling the terrain of the gut.”

– Jesse Pierce


“Anxiety, depression, when people are struggling with moods, especially teenagers, I can shift them really quickly using this form of energetic medicine.”

– Jessie Pierce


“Einstein himself said, ‘the future of medicine will focus on frequencies’ and we are just starting to tackle that.”

– Meghan Walker