What does thinking like an entrepreneur mean?


In this week’s episode of IMPACT, Meghan unpacks this very question with her guest Kelsey Abbott, a serial entrepreneur and triathlete who is unapologetically invested in helping people unlock their true potential. 


Meghan and Kelsey discuss the mechanisms of thinking that define us as entrepreneurs which brings us to the final episode of this series and the final letter of the IMPACT acronym, the ‘T’, which stands for thinking like an entrepreneur.


Meghan and Kelsey believe one of the best qualities of an entrepreneur is being decisive and grabbing on to an opportunity when it presents itself. However, they stress that the “how” is really less important than having the clarity of what you want to attract as an entrepreneur. Life can unfold almost magically if you set your intention on your entrepreneurial goals.


The foundation of your business is you, so you have to take care of your physical, mental and spiritual self first to be able to help others. Make yourself available to others because entrepreneurs don’t meet their clients sitting at desks; they meet them when they’re out in the world being their best selves.


Get rid of your negative thought habits and the story you’ve been telling yourself. Picture your ideal clients and go after them. Be excited to do it differently and when people say no, don’t take it personally. It’s not about you at all, it’s about the universe guiding each person — including you.


Want to learn more about the ‘T’ in IMPACT? 


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[5:20] How Kelsey left her government job and ended up on another path

[12:50] Kelsey’s morning routine

[14:21] Why exercise is the most important thing in Kelsey’s business

[16:56] How to move beyond thought habits and “play in the penthouse”

[19:40] The process of how Kelsey gets her clients

[23:25] Why it’s not about you, it’s actually the universe







Free Human Design chart: https://view.flodesk.com/pages/62a0c55f190027fea2869641




“When opportunities come in, knowing where you wanna go and being able to triage whether or not this is the right thing, that is a core skill of entrepreneurship.”

 – Meghan Walker


“My business is play, which is my top priority. I want to bring joy to other people. I wanna help them have permission to play.”

 – Kelsey Abbott


“The how is so much less important than having clarity on where you wanna be and the outcome and the feeling and the experience that you want to attract into your life.”

 – Meghan Walker


“I get paid to talk to people to help them remember who they are, to help them see how amazing they are, to help them clear away all of the beliefs that aren’t serving them so they can live their best life.”

 – Kelsey Abbott


 “I gotta be the best version of me so that I can give the best version of me to my people. And I feel like that’s thinking like an entrepreneur.”

 – Kelsey Abbott


“We don’t meet our clients when we’re sitting at our desks. We meet them when we’re out living our lives, amplifying our sparkle, being our best selves, taking care of ourselves.”

 – Kelsey Abbott


“Being decisive, clear in where you want to go, not taking the outcome personally. These are all skills in the arsenal of entrepreneurship.”                – Meghan Walker