On this week’s episode of IMPACT, Meghan Walker is joined by Elise Darma, a Canadian entrepreneur, marketing coach and expert in creating effective social media strategies for businesses, to discuss the “A” in IMPACT medicine – attraction.


As an entrepreneur, the task of constantly creating and posting can feel daunting and unbearable. How do you attract and capture that target audience when your video comes up in their feed? Elise answers this question and so much more in this episode as she and Meghan discuss how to use the various social media platforms efficiently. 


Tik Tok is great for keeping up on trends, but don’t forget Instagram and Twitter, and even Pinterest, YouTube shorts and LinkedIn. And although there is an overwhelming amount of platforms, Elise points out that you can repurpose your videos on different sites.


The key to slowly building your audience is to be consistent. Short-form video is the best free tool you have to generate sales and grow your business. The ideal short-form video either entertains or educates or ideally does both, depending on your niche. A really effective first sentence or headline in your caption will grab viewers attention. And to keep their attention, cut clips tight and talk fast, removing any dead air or pauses. Using props is another great way to draw viewers in.


Talking-head videos that share a tip are also effective marketing tools but be sure you set them up to collect an email address at the end.


These are just a few of the many tips Elise discusses in this episode. She is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to all things social media so make sure to tune in to this episode to hear all of the strategic and tactical information she has to share. 



[5:35] Elise’s story of entrepreneurship toward multi-million-dollar brand

[11:35] How to make sales as you grow

[18:37] What forms of social media to use and not use today

[24:53] Why adding animation is important

[26:36] Cutting out pauses and dead air on videos

[28:54] How to incorporate calls to action

[30:52] Importance of using props

[51:33] What Elise would like her legacy to be










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“In 2013, it was the wild, wild west of Instagram. In six months we were able to go from 10,000 followers to over a hundred thousand followers, mostly through influencer marketing.” 

– Elise Darma

“So the good news is, that as a business owner, I believe you can be really efficient with your content creation and repurposing is a big part of that.”                         

– Elise Darma

“I believe people do business with people. And so even if you’re showing up in a more entertaining way, it doesn’t mean that they’re gonna not take you seriously. They’re just gonna actually connect with you a little bit more human to human.”  

 – Elise Darma

“We all think that everyone is concerned about us, but they’re not, they’re concerned about themselves. So I am just going to put myself out there.”             

– Elise Darma

“I realized that I could actually educate business owners on how to do this for themselves, and they didn’t have to waste their time trying to be an influencer, trying to be Instagram famous.” 

– Elise Darma

“I think that the video has to hook people in the first second or two. With your caption, the first sentence or headline has to hook people in because especially on Instagram, people have to tap to read the caption in full.” 

– Elise Darma 

“Find an animation. It could be an animated sparkle to a quote card that you’ve made. Save it as a video, upload it as video. You’re going to get way more views and legs.”

 – Elise Darma

“Figure out why you are unique and different, it could be your experience in your industry, it could be any awards or accolades you’ve earned.”

 – Elise Darma

 “I would like to leave a legacy of having helped women specifically feel like they’ve been able to empower themselves by earning their own money.”

 – Elise Darma