On this week’s episode of IMPACT, Meghan talks about the ”P” in IMPACT Medicine — the people you serve in your business. She points out that our healthcare system is based on the “line of fine,” meaning that most healthcare professionals think getting people to the “you’re fine” state is enough. Healthcare is not set up to prevent illness or to teach people how to live a healthy, optimal life for longevity.


If you’re an allied care healthcare professional or any type of entrepreneur, there are three ingredients you must have to run your business and ultimately help people in the best way you can. 


The first is love — you need to love what you do and connect to your purpose. The second is lucrative — it has to make money and have a level of financial stability. And the third is leveraged — having people and systems in place as part of your growth strategy.


Once these three things are in place, your clients will build trust with you. In the healthcare space, it means people will realize they can actually control their health through their actions, diet and frequency of exercise, with a trusted provider who thinks beyond the “you’re fine” mentality.


It’s important to select your business niche based on the problems your clients need to solve. All these topics and more will be presented at the Impact Lives event. 

Make sure to tune in to this episode to learn more about the “P” in IMPACT Medicine.



[5:06] The truth about owning your own business

[7:12] Examples of how to leverage your business

[9:41] What a two-hour intake experience is like 

[15:39] Defining allied healthcare

[22:31] Details and speakers at the Impact LIVEs annual event




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“You can have a business that achieves massive contribution and impact and also attracts incredible wealth to you in your life.” 

– Meghan Walker


“Impact medicine is creating an offer and an offer ecosystem for your patients that actually matches their needs.” 

– Meghan Walker


“When you give people information that empowers them in a context that makes them feel safe, they lean in more.” 

– Meghan Walker


“When we see and implement more leverage, we have the opportunity to become more lucrative. And we still get to do what we love.”

– Meghan Walker


“Your business has to be leveraged or you run out of time. You’ll cap your own impact.”

-Meghan Walker