On this week’s episode of IMPACT, Meghan Walker talks about how we all sabotage our own mindset at times and go to a place of scarcity rather than a place of abundance. The mindset of waiting for people to come into our world and recognize and value who we are before we can feel good about ourselves is misguided.  We can’t move into a state of abundance when we’re trapped in a state of scarcity ourselves.


Meghan invites all her viewers to set a new standard for who they surround themselves with and the energies they will tolerate in their lives. Part of that is addressing your state of busyness and taking ownership of your own mindset – to move into a maximized state of impact no matter what your duties and responsibilities are.


Expect miracles and miracles will happen. It’s important to step into a state of self-authorization instead of a state of urgency, and that leads to a state of decisiveness which creates magnetic attraction to abundance.

The topic of mindset work is crucial, especially in the entrepreneurial world, so tune in and learn more!



[3:36] The mindset of scarcity

[5:56] Taking ownership of your mindset

[7:48] How to deal with imposter syndrome

[8:57] How scarcity shows up

[10:42] How abundance manifests

[15:18] Practicing radical responsibility 

[18:22] How to reach an abundant mindset

[27:30] Acknowledging the energy of scarcity and moving away from it

[28:23] How to attend Impact Lives




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“We can’t move into that state of abundance when we are trapped in the state of scarcity ourselves.” 

– Meghan Walker


“Scarcity manifests as urgency rushed.” 

– Meghan Walker


“If you are asking someone to teach you what they have learned to experience their vantage point, you can apply it to your work. That is the privilege of radical responsibility.” 

– Meghan Walker


“We’re all going to feel like imposters at times. We should on the road to growth. But what that shouldn’t do in any of these cases is hold you back.”

– Meghan Walker


Scarcity is like gravity. It sinks to the bottom. And if you indulge the symptoms of scarcity and you indulge in the things that trigger scarcity in your life, you’ll sink. It is your responsibility to understand what things pull you down and what things push you up.”

– Meghan Walker


“If you are a miserable person and suddenly are overflowing in money, you will amplify that. If you are heart-centric and want to give back to the world and are having overflow in your life, an abundance of money and wealth coming to you, you have a capacity to maximize.” 

– Meghan Walker


“You’re going to move toward abundance. You are going to seek counsel and guidance as you need to, and you are going to make the space to self-correct and self-reflect along the way.” 

– Meghan Walker


“When you commit to opening that mindset, when you commit to acknowledging the energy of scarcity and your desire to move away from it, you realize you have this creative power you’ve never imagined before.”

– Meghan Walker