Meghan is joined by the ever-compelling Amy Wong on this week’s episode of Impact. Amy is a leadership and transformational coach and the founder of  Always On Purpose®. Amy started out studying and teaching math and then went on to get a master’s degree in transpersonal psychology to feed her hunger for answers to life’s big questions. She’s written a book called “Living on Purpose, Five Deliberate Choices to Realize Fulfillment and Joy.”


Amy says the first step is to ask yourself – What’s more important? Playing it safe or changing the world? From there, you can make choices that get you to your goals. Living with intention means taking full responsibility for your choices. If you can learn to do that, you are never a victim of circumstance.


However, we all know that making big choices can bring about anxiety and nervousness. The key is to realize that you are always standing for something, which is your primary underlying objective. When you stand for growth and not conflict avoidance, your life will change radically.


Eloquence and innovation come from taking a stand for what you believe in and rechanneling all your doubt or anxiety into one focal point. This focusing mechanism is a powerful tool. When you claim what you want, you become empowered and feel unity, love and harmony in your life.


Tune in to hear all the ‘aha’ moments that Amy and Meghan’s discussion brings to light. 



[4:22] How studying math can lead to finding meaning and truth

[7:13] Why every moment is a choice point and how to make good choices

[11:42] How to move forward without anxiety

[21:27] Why it’s impossible to please everybody

[28:05] How to safeguard your focus

[34:40] How to rate your emotions to get rid of resistance

[38:28] The importance of being heart-aligned



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“Oftentimes we fall into the stance of wanting others to like us more than being bold with what we choose.”

–  Amy Wong

“I was teaching math and translating really complex things to different audiences. And I realized, wow, what I’m here to do is be able to listen for the stuff that people don’t know that they don’t know.”

–  Amy Wong

“The thing about math is it’s a language to understand the universe. You are sifting and sorting and making sense of large, abstract seemingly disparate sets of data.”

–  Amy Wong

“Living on purpose means that you are truly in charge. It’s waking up from autopilot and making choices intentionally.”

–  Amy Wong

“Unless we take full responsibility for the quality of our experience, we’re leaving everything up to chance and we’re a victim of circumstance.”

–  Amy Wong

“What makes the world so beautiful and amazing is that there are so many different perspectives and points of view. It’s the variety that makes life so magnificent.”

–  Amy Wong