Rachel Varga is a double-certified nurse and aesthetic specialist who’s done more than 20,000 rejuvenation procedures and has written international papers on optimal skincare. She’s at the top of her field when it comes to evidence-based approaches to skincare.


Let’s face it — your skin quality is one of the first things people notice about you, and we all want to have radiant skin that glows. But how do you get to that level of radiance? It starts by solving your health issues from the inside out.


Rachel points out that air, water, lighting, and electromagnetic purification in your daily life is really key. Purify the air in your office and your living space. Use reverse osmosis to purify your water. For lighting, get rid of your LED lights and go back to halogen. Keep your phone on airplane mode. Turn Bluetooth off in your home.


She also recommends getting grounded by spending a lot of time outside and “living like a caveman” by eating the right foods, simplifying your routine, and limiting your cell phone use.


Her five quintessential skin care practices include cleansing your face morning and night, moisturizing, using a mineral sunscreen every day, exfoliating twice a week and doing an at-home mask treatment once a week. Follow these skin care practices and you’ll be well on your way to radiance, both inside and out.


Listen and take note as Rachel expands upon the topic of radiance and how if we feel great and look great our interactions with the people, places and things around us will be brighter.




[27:31] Five quintessential skin care practices

[30:17] Why sunscreen is so important

[32:42] Why more people are losing their hair

[35:24] Potentially harmful effects of Botox and other fillers

[43:36] How inner cleanses help the skin




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“If you’re just kicking it at home and not doing your skincare, you’re actually still damaging your skin. Convenience is killing us. Sometimes we just have to have an awareness.”

– Rachel Varga


“More and more clients are wanting to move away from injectables for different reasons. If anything is ever not feeling right for you, you should really listen to that little voice and intuition.”

– Rachel Varga


“There are very important practices like body, mind, spirit, energy optimization, eating the right foods, getting your inflammation down and improving your cellular health that will slow your skin aging.”

– Rachel Varga


“When you’re not well on the inside, the skin takes a couple of weeks to a month to manifest that. If you have more sugar or alcohol or treats, you’ll have more breakouts afterwards, but not immediately.”

– Rachel Varga


“I’m a huge fan of doing monthly cleanses with different herbs and then also quarterly intense cleanses. We deworm our dogs, our animals, but we forget to deworm ourselves.”

– Rachel Varga


“I am interested not just in the gut, but in the largest organ of the body which is the skin, and everything else feeds into that.”

– Rachel Varga