Love Coach, Sami Wunder, shares how high-performing women can find love in their lives without alienating their partners, and how they can keep that relationship high-performing.


Many women who consider themselves ambitious go-getters have a hard time attracting and keeping a good man in their lives. The first step is to look at how, as a woman, you may be contributing to the dynamics that you face in your love life. When women stop placing blame and learn how to be vulnerable in relationships, their partners react in a positive way and embrace that vulnerability.


That doesn’t mean playing a submissive role or acting helpless. It means looking at your love life patterns and seeing where you may be blocking love from coming in. Once you shift those patterns from a win/lose point of view to a new pattern of acceptance on both sides, the passion and love is enhanced.


A key factor is bringing the feminine aspect into a relationship. Embodying your feminine is about being who you truly are. Drop the masks, drop the walls and be vulnerable and comfortable in your own imperfection. Be open to receiving love as well as giving love. When you let your guard down, the real connection happens.


Tune in to this interesting discussion on love, vulnerability and the high-performance woman. 





[4:43] What love coaching is

[7:27] The power of polarity in relationships

[10:44] Why fake neediness does not work

[21:51] Being comfortable with imperfection

[25:54] How to stop over-identifying with success

[26:14] The importance of being vulnerable

[33:32] How to channel your feminine energy





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“Love coaching is about looking at your love life patterns and seeing where and how you may be not allowing love to come in, and how to shift those patterns.”

– Sami Wunder


“You need an embodied masculine partner and you need an embodied feminine partner, and that’s going to increase the fire, the passion, the sexual attraction. That is really the foundation of a romantic relationship.”

– Sami Wunder


“It’s all about having the capacity to receive that love instead of rationalizing through it and saying I don’t need it or I can do it myself.”

– Sami Wunder


“It’s actually about dropping the masks, dropping the walls, becoming comfortable, being vulnerable, being imperfect and letting somebody see that.”

– Sami Wunder


“If we can let our guard down, we create that emotional safety in our relationship for our men to feel. This is irreplaceable. There’s zero competition.”

– Sami Wunder