In today’s episode, Dr. Isabel Sharkar shares her journey as a Naturopathic doctor and integrative medical practitioner. In a world that is structured for masculine success, to be a conscious creatress you must live in alignment with your intuition and structure your business around your lifestyle. Dr. Isabel encourages you to seek balance in your daily life. Success, as it is defined today, inevitably leads to burnout. Self care is not a luxury. Dr. Isabel will guide you on how you can evaluate your life to create a work-life balance that aligns with your values. 


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Key Takeaways:

[8:00] Learning the truth about nutrition and naturopathic medicine

[10:50] Making decisions from your intuition instead of denying your truth

[12:30] Living in flow: Follow your instinct by not forcing the patriarchal model

[13:50] The false definition of success: Structuring your schedule around your values 

[16:00] Self care is a necessity not a luxury 

[17:40] Does this landscape work for all contributing members of society? 

[20:50] On any given month we are four different women 

[27:00] You have no idea how incredibly powerful you are 

[28:00] A creatress is in communication with her body 

[30:00] How you can move into a place of sovereignty 

[34:00] Purpose is about outward contribution 

[37:30] Detoxing your thoughts and body 



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Memorable Quotes:


“When I get a full body yes I am a full body yes and I just get the logic out.” 

 – Dr. Isabel Sharkar


“We only know how to run our businesses based off of like the patriarchy and so we are following the steps of men in how we run our businesses but that’s not really what’s best for our femenine bodies.”  

– Dr. Isabel Sharkar


“It’s not a luxury to take care of yourself, it’s not a luxury to sleep, it’s not a luxury to get a massage. It’s a necessity!” 

– Dr. Isabel Sharkar


“That we have different needs! That we could set our day up differently! That the entire world has evolved into a structure that predominantly works well for men.” 

– Meghan Walker


“As I look at more leaders and how they manage their time, it is less about the daily to-dos which is like a never ending energy, it’s actually energetically really challenging, and their whole to-do list is just chunks of action that need to be taking place in different areas of their life.” 

– Meghan Walker 


“There are consequences to not giving yourself what you are truly desiring.” 

 – Dr. Isabel Sharkar


“We have this world of possibilities that we live in and we get the choice of which side we’re looking at.” 

 – Dr. Isabel Sharkar