Cynthia Garcia shares her story and how she rewrote the story to become the inspiring woman she is today! Your brain accepts whatever story you tell yourself, but you can change that story and move into a new identity. Cynthia will show you how to empower yourself by questioning your beliefs about yourself in order to get through imposter syndrome. Life and your experience is what qualifies you to share your story! 

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Key Takeaways:

[7:20] Trauma Response: Removing yourself out of the chaos 

[9:00] No matter where you are your problems follow 

[11:30] Being stuck in your story: we are the only ones who make them true 

[14:45] Imposter Syndrome: Standing in your truth and knowing what happened to you. 

[19:00] Looping: Your brain believes whatever story you tell it  

[24:00] Empower yourself by asking, what else could it mean and what else? 

[27:00] Identity: You cannot craft a new future without rewriting your story of the past 

[31:00] There is a difference between wanting to change and deciding 

[34:00] Be conscious of the language you choose to use 

[38:10] Be clear on your vision: Wake up and choose to remember who you are 




Memorable Quotes:

“If you do not see yourself as this healthy, powerful, contributing person then it is so challenging to make the decisions today that inform its creation.” 

– Meghan Walker


“Those are just events, they have no meaning by default, but we’re humans and we have these wild and crazy brains and we find it necessary for our survival to give meaning to things that happen, in other words, we tell stories.” 

– Cynthia Garcia


“Our brains believe everything we tell it, it doesn’t know the difference between something that’s really happening right in front of you and something that you’re just making up in your head.”

– Cynthia Garcia


“You don’t have to know how, because once you make that decision, the brain will start to come up with new ideas.It will start to challenge you.” 

– Cynthia Garcia