On this week’s episode of IMPACT, we did not have a guest but we still had an impactful and meaningful conversation. Raising our children to be responsible, successful, and meaningful is something that needs to have the utmost attention as parents. What I wanted to talk about are the 7 core categories that will help kids grow to be healthy and resilient beings.


As parents, we may think that having our children grow up with the same customs and traditions that we had is acceptable because we did it and we turned out fine but did we really? About 1/3 of adults in North America take antidepressants. We need to examine ourselves before we embed our cultural misconceptions and habits onto them because they live in a whole new time, a whole new world than we did. 


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[7:40] Food

[10:30] Mental health and resilience

[12:54] Failure

[15:09] Physical health

[16:29] Getting kids to love learning

[17:57] Conversations about money

[20:27] Finding their purpose







“I am not concerned with what you are feeding my kids at a sleepover because when I do have control and I do get to have ownership, which is 90% of the meals that they eat, I’m really conscious about how and what I feed my kids.”

–Meghan Walker


“I used to say to my patients that I’m not concerned with what you do once a year, I’m more concerned about what you do every single day.”

–Meghan Walker


“So many of us (apologies to my parents) who raised their kids in the 80s, fall into, ‘Oh, we did it when we were kids and we are fine’… And the truth is, we’re not really fine. Over 1/3 of adults in North America are taking antidepressants.”

–Meghan Walker


“I want my kids to understand how they are feeling emotionally, how they are feeling physically, and the role that food can have in that place.”

–Meghan Walker


“Resilience is one of our goals. And we, my husband and I, as two adults who had divorced parents, we talk about resilience all the time. How do we make our kids more resilient in the absence of getting divorced?”

–Meghan Walker


 “I want my kids to know how to fail and be rejected with grace. I want them to feel that feeling and also know that they come out of the other side. I do not want to be so protective as a parent that I prevent them from having access to that feeling and to that situation until they are adults.”

“Not teaching your kids how to love the complete capacity of their body and how to move it; that to me is punishment.”

–Meghan Walker


  “I want to be responsible for cultivating that positive relationship with money because I want them to value it enough that they do the same for their children. That it isn’t something to be feared, it isn’t something that is evil, that it is something that it is, that it is a tool for creation.”

–Meghan Walker