On this week’s episode of IMPACT, we had one of the most intuitive conversations yet with the magical, Asha Frost. Asha is an Indigenous (Ojibwe) Medicine Person, mentor, space holder, author and more. Her mission is to have people decolonize their mind and free their spirit from the manacles that have been weighing us down for centuries.


Some of the most impactful ideas from this discussion were how she got introduced to the world of natural medicine and homeopathy; how one shouldn’t care too much about other people’s opinions; how to heal from generational trauma, and much more. Asha emphasizes the idea of decolonizing our brain and spirit, but it’s not only for Indigenous people. She says that all people have been colonized to some extent and now, there is a shift in that aspect.  


Asha is truly the modern bridge between the physical world and the spirit world. Her ways of living, ideologies, and ethics have tremendously sparked an inner light in many lives across the globe, including mine. If one wants to take a deeper dive into her journey and receive guidance from a true spiritual master, be sure to pick up her book, You Are The Medicine, available everywhere books are sold. 


Tune in to find out more about this beautiful and powerful being.



[4:14] How Asha got introduced to the world of natural medicine and homeopathy

[9:44] Asha’s opinions on society have changed since the time when she wrote her book

[10:35] Asha felt a sense of healing through the process of publishing her book

[15:11] What ‘You Are The Medicine’ actually means

[23:42] How to heal from generational trauma

[32:18] Why the moon is so important

[40:34] What people can expect after picking up You Are The Medicine



You Are The Medicine Book

IG: Asha Frost



“So then when 2020 came and everything rose up, it was hard because I’ve been talking about these things for years now and nobody really cared. Why are people caring now?” —Asha Frost 


“So when the book opportunity came about, I knew that this was my one opportunity to speak the truth, my truth, my ancestors’ truth, the land’s truth… I wanted to make that impactful, as impactful as I could.” —Asha Frost


“If you’re going to be medicines, can you look at where these are coming from? Can you honor the people? Can you honor the truth of what’s happening in our country?” —Asha Frost


“When we say we love Canada, Canada is a racist country. Are you seeing that? Are you seeing how our Indigenous people are… being treated. Can we see all of those things? It’s just asking for another level of accountability, responsibility, and reciprocity.” —Asha Frost 


“I think we’ve all been colonized in different ways. We’ve been disconnected from spirit. Even our bodies, you know? … And that’s one of the main purposes of my book, is reconnection, which seems so simple but we all need it.” —Asha Frost 


‘You are the Medicine’, it really comes from my work as a Homeopath I think because I would see folks in front of me and I can see their vital force beaming at me… I could hear or sense the component of their vital force.” —Asha Frost


“I believe that part of the issue is we’re so externally focused, our eyes are all red. I believe that when we could close our eyes and get into that internal space… if I do a shamanic journey, it’s like spirit brings me all the messages.” —Asha Frost


“When you think about how she moves the tides, like we have tides within us and she’s always communicating with us. But we have been colonized to just not reconnect to that. Yet, she is doing it anyways.” —Asha Frost


“It’s really powerful when you lean into this work and turn off your brain, and you just let your being be, the capacity for manifestation in all elements of your life is really powerful.” —Dr. Megan Walker


“I want people to say that everywhere she showed up, her presence made me feel seen.” —Asha Frost