On this week’s episode of IMPACT, we had a very special conversation with Natalie Jill. Natalie is a fat loss expert turned high-performance coach. One can also say she is a supermom. But more than that, she is an amazing philosopher that is turning the clock to a different time when it comes to our mindset. Her mission is to tackle these FAT’s, false assumed truths, and reprogram our minds in order to achieve our highest potential.


In this conversation, we dive into many different topics regarding health and business, but the main idea of discussion was definitely learning how to get rid of these social norms or “truths” that aren’t necessarily our truth, but someone else’s. Natalie emphasizes how one should go about achieving their dream life through the process of deciding what it is they want, envisioning exactly how they want it, and then taking the right actions to achieve it.


More than ever now with social media, people have been programmed to think that we can only do things a certain way and that is not our truth. It may be for them but once one starts to break the barriers they thought existed within them, one then finds out that almost anything is possible. We are creatures of this planet put here to live, experience, and grow, and the possibilities for different outcomes are endless! 


Tune in to find out more about this amazing woman’s story!



[7:59] How Natalie got her start in her career as trainer then high performance coach

[13:18] Being stuck in circumstance

[15:30] Parents handing down unfortunate or fortunate circumstances

[16:35] FAT- Falsely Assumed Truths

[23:35] Natalie’s process for fat loss is similar to business and goal achievement – Decide, Vision, Action

[31:51] Knowing how and when to delegate in your business



Website:  https://www.nataliejillfitness.com/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/nataliejillfit/?hl=en

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“I honestly think that one of the things that creates depression… were boredom in life or comparison problems, is this idea that we have to somehow stay the same.”

~Natalie Jill


“You see, so many times, Megan, we stay stuck in circumstances… I’m overweight, I’m broke, I’m getting a divorce… And I had to ask myself, ok, what are the possibilities though? Where could I create?”

~Natalie Jill


“When you scroll social media first thing in the morning, you’re in circumstance. Because what runs through your head is ugh, why don’t I look like that? How come I’m not on that trip? Why don’t I have that successful business?”

~Natalie Jill


“What I did that day was reprogram myself into what do I actually want and I had to stop my brain from telling me what it is that I don’t want, or what I couldn’t have.”

~Natalie Jill


“One thing my parents did very well, and I hope I do this for my daughter, is they always told me I could create or be whatever I wanted.”

~Natalie Jill


“The fact is you had a hysterectomy, got it. The fact is you’re not going to gain 30 pounds. That’s a false-assumed truth, which means somebody told you that and now you believe that’s what’s going to happen to you.”

~Natalie Jill


“What a false assumed truth is that it doesn’t mean it’s a fact, it means somebody put that over you. You then found evidence to support it and now that’s what’s going to happen to you.”

~Natalie Jill

“I had people bringing me down all the time… I don’t have anyone in my life that doesn’t support my vision, period. And it’s not a me-decision, it’s an intuitive soul decision.”

~Natalie Jill


If people skip this step, then willpower doesn’t work. I get people laser-clear on the detail, what are you going to be wearing when they release the weight? What are they going to look like? How are they going to feel?”

~Natalie Jill


“Most diet/nutrition plans talk about all the things that you can’t have. I don’t do that. I have a very clear outline of what I want people eating. But what I tell them to do is I don’t want you to worry about what you can’t have, what I want you to do is focus on how do I get all of this good stuff in, which makes less room for the not so good.”

~Natalie Jill


“I had to crash and burn. I had to start over. What I know now is that when you bring somebody on, 1.) You have to bring them on for that one thing… 2.) You have to train people really, really well.”

~Natalie Jill