Dr. Marie is a Naturopathic Doctor and co-founder of BioHeal Ottawa. One can say that she is a health detective for chronic illnesses and diseases. In this episode, we discuss the dangers of long-haul COVID and other latent infections, and how they can be treated effectively through naturopathic treatments.


Dr. Marie dives deep into the chronic illnesses and diseases that can transpire after having COVID. There are many things one can do in order to reverse and prevent this from happening. These viruses can be detrimental to our immune system, so much so that they can wake up a certain illness one has had years, even decades before. We also discuss the controversial topic of the COVID vaccine and its effectiveness in long-haul COVID.


Overall, Dr. Marie makes it clear that it is immensely important to inform ourselves of studies and cases in order to make responsible decisions for ourselves and our children. No one is safe from these infectious diseases so we take the necessary steps in order to prevent or eradicate these viruses as timely and effectively as we can. In Dr. Marie’s experience dealing with over 800 patients with long-haul COVID, naturopathic medicine and treatments are the way to go!



[9:12] How Marie became involved in the world of infectious disease and chronic illnesses

[10:21] How many patients Marie has treated for long-haul COVID

[11:02] What long-haul COVID actually is

[18:47] Latent viral infections can transpire after SARS-COV-2

[22:53] Long-haul patients were getting recommended to stay at home and get better but that was not happening

[24:44] Patients who are immune-compromised benefit greatly from naturopathic treatments

[33:52] Correlation between Lyme disease and COVID

[35:49] What is a biofilm

[39:29] Are vaccinated patients protected from long-haul COVID

[44:15] What other strategic things to be mindful of to prevent long-haul COVID or other infectious diseases



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“I used my roots, my rooted roots of naturopathic medicine, and treated the individual and not the disease.”

~Dr. Marie Matheson


“At this point, I have already treated 800 patients, so that’s quite a bit.”

~Dr. Marie Matheson

 “Long-haul COVID is persistent symptoms, so to speak, long after these “infections” should have passed. And so these patients persist on with chronic symptoms. The number one chronic symptom would be chronic fatigue.”

~Dr. Marie Matheson


“Something you had in 1983 could come back and haunt you . So COVID really does cause such an immune dysregulation that it does kick open the doors for these latent viruses that could bring up symptoms that I haven’t had in 20 years.”

~Dr. Marie Matheson


“Most patients, they were just told that there was nothing to do to help them, and that they should just go home and rest and they’ll eventually get better. That has not been the case.”

~Dr. Marie Matheson


“30% of patients who have gotten COVID end up getting long-haul COVID as well.”

~Dr. Marie Matheson


“This is a push to my profession but I really urge all you to seek out a naturopathic doctor to help you if you are sick because there is hope to get you better.”

~Dr. Marie Matheson


“Could it be that SARS-COV-2 actually gets untreated and then goes into a second phase of this long-haul COVID, of this untreated virus, just like lyme disease?”

~Dr. Marie Matheson


“It affects every one of us. So whether you’re vaccinated or unvaccinated, we see these breakthroughs, if you will, infections of SARS-COV-2 in patients that have been vaccinated and you see just as much long-haul COVID in unvaccinated.”

~Dr. Marie Matheson


“I’m not convinced that the vaccine can protect you against long-haul; we just don’t have enough research.”

~Dr. Marie Matheson