On this episode of IMPACT, we had a very inspiring conversation with Margaret Floyd Barry. Margaret is a functional nutritionist, author, and co-owner of Restorative Wellness Solutions. Margaret is a nutrition guru but also a philosophy guru. The way she conveys her knowledge and wisdom is truly a work of art, so you definitely won’t want to miss this episode. 

We discuss topics such as the events that transpired that got her into functional nutrition, getting her clients to get on a restrictive diet, and teaching people, both adults and children, how to build resilience and their tolerance for hard things. Many times, people want results but don’t wish to put in the hard work to attain those results. Margaret puts a strong emphasis on not only reshaping your diet but also reshaping and reforming our minds to be able to tolerate hardships and struggles. 

The more we push ourselves to do hard things, the easier that specific thing gets. Practice definitely makes perfect (if not, something very close to it). Tune in to find out more on this important issue that does not get the attention it deserves! We miss 100% of the shots we don’t take, so don’t miss this one, especially if you’ve been thinking of trying something new with your lifestyle choices and aspirations. 



[5:28] What got Margaret into her functional nutrition journey

[12:26] Is Margaret still on a highly restrictive diet

[15:57] Margaret’s process to get people to hard sacrifices

[20:09] What triggers Margaret during sessions with clients

[22:32] Harder for people to do hard things now than back then

[28:16] Helping your kids to build resilience

[37:02] The relationships between doing hard things and perfectionism

[45:45] How to cultivate courage

[47:00] Margaret’s TED Talk failure



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 “We did all this testing and she put me on this weird diet. Lots of supplements. I cried because I thought this was the rest of my life.”

~Margaret Floyd-Barry


“I did what she asked me to do, and guess what? The eczema was gone.”

~Margaret Floyd-Barry


“I LOVEEEE food, and the idea of using food as a tool to get well was like, mind-blowing for me. And so that is what I decided to do.”

~Margaret Floyd-Barry


“The truth is, when things are hard, there is always a way to have a softer landing, always.”

~Margaret Floyd-Barry


 “The thing I really like to do with people is really anchor them into what’s possible. Like, what’s on the other side of that hard thing.”

~Margaret Floyd-Barry


“It’s going to be hard, and guess what? My job is to be here by your side to troubleshoot, to cheer lead, to pep talk, to be the shoulder; to do all the things that you need in order to do this hard thing.”

~Margaret Floyd-Barry


“We’re big believers in picking a hard thing and sticking with it, even if you decided a couple weeks later that you don’t actually like that hard thing.”

~Margaret Floyd-Barry


“Everyday that I’m in that ice bath, it is a meditation and a reminder that I am built to do hard things, and the more hard things you do, the more resilience you build.”

~Margaret Floyd-Barry


“Biologically, we’re wired to “if it hurts, that means we’re in danger”, but that’s not the world we live in. So we need to re-train to understand that discomfort does not equal a threat to my life.”

~Margaret Floyd-Barry


 “It is honoring to me, not just feeling it but, honoring, whatever feeling I have about the situation, and thanking them for taking care of me and stepping in and doing it anyways.”

~Margaret Floyd-Barry