Are you trapped living as someone who’s not really you?

Today, I am thrilled to speak with Reef Karim, a physician turned TV actor, entrepreneur, and mad genius.

Reef talks about his incredible work of helping individuals unlock their deepest state of creativity, and will take you from a place of feeling unexpressed to finding who you are in the most authentic space.

No matter what profession you are in, Reef brings a passion to this episode that will inspire you to break past your limitations and step into your raw essence. 

To top it off, Reef invites you into the lifestyle of the mad genius and will share with you what it takes to get there. 


Key Takeaways:

[1:02] About today’s episode!

[4:57] Welcoming Reef to the podcast!

[5:47] Reef’s background and how he stepped into his roles.

[8:29] How to tell your parents as an adult that you are going to step out of the box.

[16:37] Reef talks about his career in the world of television.

[26:57] How Reef helps people tap into their creative source.

[29:21] Reef’s definition of madness and how that relates to his programs.

[33:04] How to build a new point of view.

[36:43] Your soul CV.

[38:16] Becoming the spokesperson for your brand.

[42:39] The difference between passion and motivation.

[45:18] The storms of the human condition.

[49:19] The two prerequisites of finding your purpose.

[51:19] Moving past your academic credentials and into who you really are.

[52:48] Karim’s biggest non-negotiable in life.

[53:02] Karim’s most important failure.

[55:19] Karim’s unwavering health commitment.

[56:04] Do we learn to become entrepreneurs or are we born this way?

[56:54] Where to find more of Reef’s work.


Connect with my Guest:


Social Media: Instagram @reefkarim, Facebook @drreef



To live out of the box, you have to know what’s in the box.

-Reef Karim


I’ve always felt that the biggest pain we will ever feel more than a broken bone, more than a broken heart, is the pain of not living up to our abilities.

-Reef Karim


Madness to me is the source of energy within us. It’s what powers our minds. It’s what energizes us.

-Reef Karim


You’ve got to become a gatekeeper of your mind in order to be able to heal.

-Reef Karim


Passion is never inauthentic. Never.

-Reef Karim