Can you market your business in a way that brings in consistent traffic WHILE staying true to yourself?

Katy Prince is the founder of the Squirm Free School of Business, where she is on a mission to revolutionize the way companies market themselves. 

In this episode, she’ll teach you how to give people an opportunity to lean into your products or services without feeling any pressure.

Katy will also tell her story of leaving social media for good, and will give you all the details on how to spread the word about what you offer without any kind of social media presence. 

Warning: this episode will change the way you think about marketing forever! 


Key Takeaways:

[1:06] About today’s episode!

[5:52] Welcoming Katy to the podcast!

[6:47] Who Katy is and how she impacts the world.

[10:11] Why “come as you are” entrepreneurs are so rare.

[13:00] Reverse engineering what you want.

[15:15] What is “squirm free” selling?

[16:43] Imposter syndrome in the entrepreneurial community.

[19:57] Katy’s relationship with selling.

[21:55] What Katy would say to an entrepreneur who can’t step into their confidence.

[23:31] How to sell in a non-confrontational way.

[28:52] Handling objections.

[33:20] How Katy came to strictly limit her social media presence.

[37:37] Strategies to get consistent traffic while stepping away from social media.

[47:29] Where Katy gets her courage.

[48:30] Katy’s non-negotiable.

[49:30] Are entrepreneurs born this way, or do they learn?

[50:40] What Katy wants her legacy of impact to be.

[51:34] Where to find more of Katy’s work.


Connect with my Guest:




Language is so freaking powerful. Language has the ability to shape the way we think.

-Katy Prince


To me, entrepreneurship is an opportunity to have my cake and eat it too. 

-Meghan Walker


There is a big difference between being afraid to try something new and something feeling inherently off or intuitively wrong about the way that you’re being told you have to go about something.

-Katy Prince


“What we have to do as salespeople and as business owners is joining the dots between what people think they want and think they need in order to solve that problem, and then help them join the dots between what they actually want and actually need.

-Katy Prince