Meet Dr. Anna Cabeca: The Girlfriend Doctor and the queen of Keto Green!

A triple-board certified OBGYN, Dr. Ana is on the show today to dish up all the information you need to know about living a holistic lifestyle, from eliminating fear to improving your libido.

Dr. Anna tells it as it is, so you’ll walk away from this episode with some new habits to introduce and remove from your life.

She’ll also dive deep into Keto Green, and you’ll learn that you can start to feel better by making only small changes. 

If you want to harness your physiological power to have a real impact, this very special episode is for you. 


Key Takeaways:

[1:00] Welcoming Dr. Anna Cabeca to the podcast!

[1:51] Dr. Anna shares a story where she felt the influence of her own impact and power.

[5:32] Dr. Anna’s background and what she brings to the table.

[10:45] Alkalizing dietary choices and behaviors.

[15:03] Three things to eliminate fear right away.

[19:01] How we can start to harness our physiological power to have an impact.

[23:01] The rules surrounding alcohol for a woman in menopause.

[26:44] What is the keto green way?

[30:19] What to do about coffee.

[34:09] What we need to pause to increase our libido.

[38:43] Dr. Anna talks about Julva.

[42:15] What to expect from her new book MenuPause. 

[44:02] Dr. Anna’s source of courage.

[44:43] A significant non-negotiable for Dr. Anna

[45:44] Dr. Anna’s most important failure.

[46:33] Was Dr. Anna born an entrepreneur or did she learn to be an entrepreneur?


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I can stand from a place of being rebuilt, being rebuilt and strong, and I’m here for anyone, right? I really wanna help others not suffer and take control.

-Dr. Anna Cabeca


The eyes don’t see what the mind don’t know.

-Dr. Anna Cabeca


There is no question that alcohol has a detrimental effect on our bodies.

-Dr. Anna Cabeca


If it doesn’t bring you pleasure, don’t put it in your vagina.

-Dr. Anna Cabeca