This week, Meghan begins a five-episode series of guests who approach common problems from different perspectives. Let’s think outside of the box! Meghan sits down with Jon Goodman, a fitness entrepreneur, author, and creative thinker,x to walk through how to think like a true entrepreneur and succeed.

Jon discusses the power of personal brand and helps shed light on whether this is something you want to build for yourself and your business goals. It isn’t for everyone…so tune in to learn which side of the coin you live on. 

Jon and Meghan walk through virtual hamburgers, self-publishing books,  NFT’s and so much more. If you’re on the entrepreneurial path or are ready to hear a unique perspective on life…this episode is for you.


Key Topics and Takeaways:

[6:55] Self-publishing books and building an online business when your family’s plans are different.

[11:45] Navigating between trends and fads, what to dive into and where luck plays into success.

[15:03] Virtual hamburger- what this is and why it is a great example of finding success within the noise.

[31:04] How to think outside the box and take action when you aren’t clear on your skillset and vision.

[37:50] Personal brand is the future unless you go to paid ads which are becoming less possible.

[41:50] Courage and fear are non negotiable, but you can move past them.


Connect with our Guest: 

Instagram: @itscoachgoodman


Memorable Quotes:

“There’s this misconception that if somebody’s successful, they made good decisions. I think people underestimate just how much luck is involved in, in success.” – Jon Goodman

“Personal brand is everything. Companies that don’t have businesses that don’t have a strong personal brand at the front, you’re not going to be able to compete.” – Jon Goodman

“A lot of folks are getting into trouble these days because they’re following the lead or they’re following the advice of people who are playing different games than them.” – Jon Goodman

“You’ve got to shake a lot of hands, you’ve got to meet a lot of people and you’ve got to start putting out a whole bunch of messages in different ways and pay attention to the feedback that you start getting.” -Jon Goodman