Despite popular belief, branding is NOT all colors and fonts.

Today, I’m chatting with Nicole Harlow, branding queen and founder of the award-winning design agency Brand Better. 

Nicole will break down the complicated concept of branding, teaching you exactly what it is and what it is not.

You’ll discover that branding goes deep, all the way down to personality and how you show up on a daily basis. 

You’ll also get practical tips and exercises that you can use to reinvigorate your brand immediately.

If you want to improve your personal or business brand in any way, this episode will provide you with all the information you need!  


Key Takeaways:

[1:07] About today’s episode.

[3:06] Welcoming Nicole Harlow to the podcast! 

[4:05] Who Nicole is and why she’s qualified to talk about branding.

[8:36] Purpose vs. passion.

[11:18] What branding is actually about.

[15:49] The relationship between a personal and business brand.

[19:30] The importance of a brand’s personality.

[21:58] What to do if you’re stuck working with clients you don’t resonate with.

[27:45] Why you should pay attention to how you show up in business.

[29:35] The reason why your branding should be professional and cohesive.

[33:48] Clarifying your message.

[36:18] A branding exercise to help you create your brand.

[44:01] What Nicole has learned from the pandemic.

[45:56] Are we born as entrepreneurs or do we learn?

[47:40] Where to find more of Nicole Harlow’s work.

[48:55] Reflections from today’s episode. 


Connect with my Guest:


Social Media: Instagram @brandbetterco



I think one of the healthiest choices that we can make is choosing to live on purpose.

-Meghan Walker


We want to build a brand that is magnetic enough that it repels some people too.

-Nicole Harlow


I just want people to think about the logo as it’s just symbolic of the feeling you want people to have.

-Nicole Harlow