Did you know that children are predicted to have a shorter lifespan and worse health than ever before?

Dr. Madiha Saeed, family physician and bestselling author, is here to change the narrative around children’s health and help children take control of their own health.

In this episode, Dr. Saeed and I will dive deep into the science behind how our decisions as parents are influencing the brains and bodies of our children. You’ll get easy tools you can put in place right away to help your kids reclaim their health.

By empowering your children to be the boss of their own bodies, you can nurture them from the inside out. 


Key Takeaways:

[1:15] About today’s episode!

[2:38] Welcoming Dr. Madiha to the podcast!

[4:50] Dr. Madiha shares her personal health journey.

[10:27] The evolution of child nutrition and health.

[14:46] Why many doctors are not taking this problem seriously.

[17:21] Inflammation within children.

[20:59] Dr. Madiha walks you through some good and bad decisions for your child’s health.

[25:56] Giving your child the power to change.

[26:32] Striving for your child to be healthy vs. just happy

[33:44] Can we empower our children to take control of their health without doing it first?

[36:50] The importance of gratitude and positivity.

[38:34] Embracing love and connection as a family.

[40:36] How Dr. Madiha would define her purpose.

[42:38] Are we born as entrepreneurs or is it learned?

[43:19] Where to find more of Dr. Madiha’s work.

[44:53] Reflections from today’s episode. 


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This is the first generation of kids that is suspected not to outlive their parents, as kids are living shorter and sicker lives.

-Dr. Madiha Saeed


Our children are unable to use a full brain to make a logical decision.

-Dr. Madiha Saeed


Imagine the influence if we shifted language as parents from “I just want my kids to be happy” to “I just want my kids to be healthy.” 

-Meghan Walker


We need to give kids enough credit that they can be in charge of their health.

-Dr. Madiha Saeed