Meet Stephanie Allen: a consultant and entrepreneur passionate about digging deeper into how to curate a fulfilled life as a parent and businesswoman. 

In this episode, we talk through the guilt of being a parent while working to grow a business, the struggles of parenting within business, and how you can establish peace within a full life.

Even if you are not a parent, you have competing priorities and values in life. Stephanie and Meghan share tools for anyone who is looking to balance life, ways to step into more joy when stress arises, and how to create peace within chaos. 


Key Takeaways:

[5:48] How to put peace into your life and simultaneously increase your profitability.

[7:11] The impact of knowing your core values within business and family.

[9:04] How to be intentional every day and create peace within your life to catapult success.

[10:01] Facets of guilt that show up in life and how to protect yourself in moments of guilt.

[17:02] You must understand what your true top priorities are in order to establish clarity.

[25:10] Breaking past your limiting beliefs.

[28:45] Impact ingredients: how to cultivate courage in your life?

[33:34] How failures can become tremendous jumping-off points to have fulfillment, impact, and influence

[34:10] How do we become entrepreneurs?


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That’s the thing about leadership, it’s like take care of yourself because people are expecting you to show up and lead them and you can’t be tired or feel guilty or be down on yourself because that shines through when you’re interacting with them.

-Stephanie Allen


“The ones who just hit pause on all the things and got super clear on what success and happiness and fulfillment was going to look like for them.” 

-Dr. Meghan Walker


“I don’t necessarily think that you’re born with it (entrepreneurship). I think it’s born from within you. And then when you make that decision, you learn how to be an entrepreneur.”

-Stephanie Allen