Did you know that purpose is one of the top secrets to living a long life?

In this solo episode, I break down how to find and live your purpose in less than 25 minutes.

You’ll learn why you should find your purpose and the exact steps you need to get there. We’ll also dive into finding your purpose professionally and getting paid for what you already love to do. 

If you’re feeling lost or want to clarify what you love, I created this very special episode for you! 


Key Takeaways:

[0:41] Why I love old people.

[1:08] I ponder the secret of a long life.

[2:21] I find one of the answers to a long life.

[2:47] The importance of purpose

[4:45] Research that supports the healing power of purpose.

[6:52] Welcoming you to this episode.

[7:08] Why I care about identifying purpose.

[8:01] One huge mistake that people make around purpose.

[8:50] The first prerequisite to finding your purpose.

[10:43] The second prerequisite to finding your purpose.

[12:07] The intersection between entrepreneurship and purpose.

[12:56] A simple exercise to unpack your alignment of work and purpose.

[15:40] Shedding the parts of yourself that you don’t like, and leaning into the parts you do.

[17:20] The third prerequisite to finding your purpose.

[18:39] The fourth and final prerequisite to finding your purpose.

[19:39] What I learned from my grandmother about purpose.

[22:16] How you can help carry on this conversation.


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The journey to the discovery of purpose, the unlocking of it, is actually just as profoundly impactful as finding the purpose itself.

-Meghan Walker


You must believe and honor that you are worthy of living in a state of purpose.

-Meghan Walker


Can you imagine the ultimate privilege of getting up every day and feeling like the work that you do, that you get compensated for, is actually in alignment with your unique state of purpose?

-Meghan Walker


Purpose has got to be something that lights you up. It’s not responsibility. It’s not hard work.

-Meghan Walker 


Pursuing one’s purpose, creating space to acknowledge your unique capacity for contribution, well no one is going to lose doing that.

-Meghan Walker