What if I said you don’t need to count calories and stop eating foods you love to lose weight?

Stu Schaefer, weight-loss coach, has his weight loss strategy down to a tea. He’s discovered a way to lose weight while eating normally and exercising only 30 minutes a day. 

This week, Stu walks us through his personal fitness journey, from anorexia to high-level weight-loss coach. He teaches us that we have the power to maintain total control over our health and bodies, and we don’t need to suffer to control our weight.

If you want to learn how to lose weight in a healthy way while fixing your mindset at the same time, you’ll want to hear this episode. 


Key Takeaways:

[1:15] About today’s episode.

[3:32] Welcoming Stu Schaefer to the podcast!

[4:42] Stu tells his story.

[9:11] Stu’s approach to weight loss.

[12:11] Repressed metabolic syndrome.

[12:44] What is a thermogenic state?

[17:18] The food quadrant.

[18:48] Do we need to give up the foods we love to lose weight?

[19:39] The difference between a good and bad weight-loss coach.

[25:20] Does anything enhance the thermogenic state?

[27:11] Foods that are high risk for people with either autoimmune gut issues or thyroid issues.

[30:35] Stu’s process in working with clients.

[34:59] Mindset is everything.

[35:05] Stu’s purpose.

[35:13] Stu’s key to success.

[35:36] Do we learn to become entrepreneurs or are we born this way?

[36:07] Where to find more of Stu’s work.



Stu was nice enough to give my listeners access to his masterclass, fat loss blueprint, and thermogenic weight loss quiz for free! Get access here: StuSchaefer.com/MeghanWalker 


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Social Media: Instagram @stuschaefer



I learned that when you transform your body, you can also transform your life. 

-Stu Schaefer

If you try to get someone to be perfect, they’re not going to do it. 

-Stu Schaefer

I want every one of my clients to forever be in total control of their body and to understand how it works so they never get sucked into another diet trend. 

-Stu Schaefer