This week, I am joined by none other than Kashif Khan! Our entire conversation today is all about how we can use genetics to amplify your health and well-being. Kashif is the founder of The DNA Company, a company that provides functional genomics testing and helps people optimize their health according to their DNA. 

Today, I’m honored to speak with Kashif about how he is revolutionizing the field of genetics. By the end of this episode, you’ll know why it’s so important to know your genetics and how you can use it to stay one step ahead in your health.

I am certain that you’ll walk away from today’s episode with new knowledge and a fresh sense of inspiration to take control of your health! 

Key Takeaways:

[1:25] About today’s episode.

[4:08] Welcoming Kashif Khan to the podcast!

[4:46] Who Kashif Khan is and why he’s qualified to talk about genetics.

[6:37] About The DNA Company and what they are trying to solve.

[9:27] The type of people The DNA Company helps.

[15:45] The role functional genomics is playing in research and how it’s disrupting the healthcare industry.

[18:28] Using genetic testing in parenting.

[26:21] How having her genetic information has benefited Meghan.

[28:38] DNA and female hormone health.

[36:59] The future of functional genomics.

[39:22] What it’s like to work with The DNA Company.

[43:32] Genetic testing and privacy.

[48:16] Biggest lesson Kashif has taken away in the past year.

[49:23] Kashif’s favorite health habit.

[50:48] Are we born this way or do we learn to become entrepreneurs?

[53:50] Where to find Kashif and The DNA Company.

[54:46] Reflections from today’s episode & special The DNA Company discount.


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We think genetics is going to play a part in everything. And it’s not just because of the work we’re doing. It’s because of the work other people are doing. It’s literally your ID. It’s who you are in terms of your health. 

-Kashif Khan

We’re in the life-changing business. That’s what we want to do. 

-Kashif Khan

Chronic disease is truly optional if you understand why it happens. 

-Kashif Khan