Meet Dr. Taylor Bean: a Canadian licensed, board-certified vaccinating and naturopathic physician passionate about digging deeper into the body to find the missing links. 


In this episode, we take on the complicated topic of vaccines. Together, we explore the common misconceptions surrounding vaccinations and how you can take full responsibility for your health.


This may be a controversial topic, but Dr. Bean takes an unbiased approach and speaks about vaccinations in an easy-to-understand way. If you’re ready to understand vaccines once and for all, this episode will answer all of your questions! 


Key Takeaways:

[1:11] About today’s episode.

[4:09] Welcoming Dr. Bean to the podcast!

[5:50] Who Dr. Bean is and how she’s uniquely positioned to talk about vaccines.

[11:02] Is vaccination a black and white issue?

[15:33] Why vaccines are not created equal.

[20:55] The best places to find vaccine safety information.

[27:07] Dr. Bean breaks down why getting a vaccine also protects others.

[34:03] How you can support the vaccine by taking care of your body.

[36:58] Vaccine optimization. 

[39:38] People who need to hesitate before getting vaccinated.

[41:34] The definition of informed consent.

[45:19] Will we hit herd immunity with the COVID-19 virus?

[47:48] What Dr. Bean would do if she was able to step into more of a leadership role.

[49:14] The problem with vaccine mandates.

[1:01:39] Where to find more of Dr. Bean’s work.

[1:03:34] Reflections from today’s episode.

[1:06:04] About next week’s episode! 


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The primary reason we vaccinate is so you do better with infection insurance. It is home insurance and you are the home.

-Dr. Taylor Bean & Meghan Walker

There’s more than one route to optimal health. There’s more than one route to peace of mind. There’s more than one route out of this pandemic. 

-Meghan Walker

Your voice really matters. It really does because we’re all in this together. We are in more than one way. And this is a big one, obviously, because we’re talking about healthcare and you can not have access to it as a result of a mandate.

-Dr. Taylor Bean