This week, I’m thrilled to speak with Dr. Lara Salyer: physician, speaker, and expert in burnout. Dr. Lara Salyer works with high-performance individuals to redesign their life to remove blocks and mitigate fatigue, move through burnout and emerge as a flourishing protagonist of their own story. She colours outside the lines of a typical doctor and offers private mentorship to support medical entrepreneurs seeking to build their own creative, efficient and organized practices. She is incredibly passionate and experienced in what she does.


I talk to Dr. Lara about burnout and how to get into a place of flow. I find out why it’s so important to learn how to quit and that why stopping something is not a sign of weakness. Dr. Lara is amazing because she explains burnout and flow in such a simple but profound way, and gives us easy pointers to get into our own flow state.


As someone who used to struggle with burnout, I can tell you that working in a state of flow creates a life of ease. I had so much fun on my call with Dr. Lara Salyer and I just know that this conversation will make some magic in your life! 


Key Takeaways:


[1:51] About today’s episode.


[4:01] Who Lara is and how she got to where she is today.


[8:16] The definition of burnout.


[10:43] Solutions to burnout in the medical industry.


[14:06] How Lara is cultivating her ideal life.


[17:40] The definition of flow.


[19:12] The relationship between flow and meditation.


[21:23] Knowing when to quit.


[24:30] How to get into your own flow state.


[27:08] The Flow Research Collective.


[30:24] How Lara brings flow state to her patients.


[33:23] The best time of day to schedule flow activities.


[39:11] Lessons Lara has learned over the past couple of years.


[40:05] Lara’s most important health habit.


[42:21] Lara’s take on entrepreneurship.


[43:26] Where to find more of Lara’s amazing work.


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More About Dr. Lara Salyer

Dr. Lara Salyer helps motivated high-performers redesign their lives by identifying areas that block flow and strategically plan methods to mitigate fatigue, move through burnout and emerge as a flourishing, embodied, protagonist of their own story.


Dr. Lara is the author of the book, Right Brain Rescue, which is a literary “creativity prescription” that will inspire you to think differently about how you use your energy, explore your values, and care for your body and mind so you can become the most sparkly version of yourself.


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It is not that you go and rent a cabin for a month to, to make your novel happen. Getting into flow is literally like planning. You can have little bits of this creative flow every day. -Dr.Lara Salyer


Knowing when to quit: we don’t know when to quit. No one has ever taught us how to do it and we have this society that is just go go go. We don’t quit until we are burnt out. And then we recover and we go until we’re burnt out. 

-Meghan Walker


Health and leadership blend more than we ever acknowledged at the same time. 

-Meghan Walker