Today I want to reflect on 2021 and set some intentions moving into 2022. These are things that I want to explore and approach from a place of curiosity. 


With 2021 coming to an end, I wanted to take you all through the five decisions that I made this year that had a really profound effect on my life and how I felt. Then, looking forward to 2022, I’m sharing the five new decisions I will be making to further myself even more and make it my best year yet. 


What are some of the key decisions you will be making to better yourself and your life this year? 


Key Takeaways: 

[:43] About today’s episode. 

[3:43] The first decision I made: the conscious decision to turn off mainstream news. 

[5:18] The second decision I made for myself: I chose to go to bed earlier. 

[6:29] The third decision: I’ve stopped drinking red wine. 

[7:36] The fourth decision: I decided to lean into this idea of having difficult conversations. 

[9:27] The fifth and final decision I made in 2021: standing up for myself. 

[10:57] Why these five decisions were so profound and important to me. 

[11:37] My intention for 2022: expand. 

[12:28] What I’ll be leaning into in 2022 from a state of curiosity and decision-making. 

[12:41] The first decision for 2022: setting boundaries. 

[13:22] The second decision: I’m going to commit to learning more about TikTok. 

[15:00] The third decision: leaning into and exploring meditation, breathwork, psychedelics, and healing. 

[16:10] The fourth decision: embracing the idea of forgiveness 

[17:18] The fifth decision: I want to have more fun. 

[18:30] The big changes to come with The Entrepology Podcast. 

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[19:59] Wishing all of you an incredible end to the year and a brilliant start to 2022! 


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