Today I am so excited to be sharing with all of you my latest 5 a.m. project: The Entrepology Planner. Like many entrepreneurs, I have this moderate obsession with physical planners. They are truly what keep me being productive all day, staying effective throughout my weeks, and on top of my game all year-’round. But, finding the one perfect planner was just a little out of reach. So, I decided to take things into my own hands by creating one to rule them all using proven Entrepology systems that I use within my practice, personal life, and with the coaches that I work with. 


In this episode, I’ll be taking you through what makes The Entrepology Planner so unique; the various templates and frameworks that will guide you through creating your perfect days, weeks, months, and years; how it addresses “deep work” days, your KPIs, and daily habits; and ultimately, where you can get your hands on the first available copies! 


Entrepology, to me, is the study and confluence of entrepreneurship, mindset, and health. I literally brought to birth a journal that enables you to attend to all of those pieces. 


Key Takeaways: 

[:42] Kicking off the podcast by giving thanks to those who make The Entrepology Podcast possible each week! 

[1:36] About today’s episode: the 5 a.m. project. 

[2:22] What a 5 a.m. project is and how it manifested for me in creating The Entrepology Planner. 

[6:26] All about The Entrepology Planner; who it is designed for and why it is unique to other planners. 

[8:06] Key sections in the planner that make up The Entrepology Time System. 

[9:55] The four different types of “days” in The Entrepology Time System. 

[12:54] How the planner addresses “deep work” days. 

[15:10] The Entrepology Planner’s unique week template. 

[15:49] A key aspect of the Time System: “play days” and “dream time,” and why incorporating these will help you become a more effective thinker. 

[17:13] How the week template is split up into two key parts: 1) The things you have to do, and 2) The things you want to be. 

[17:33] How the planner helps you track your KPIs (and why this is so important!) 

[19:58] Another cool component of the planner: the Pomodoro Technique. 

[21:43] How to create effective rituals, goals, and daily habits using different sections in The Entrepology Planner. 

[22:55] Version 1 of The Entrepology Planner is now available! Here’s how to download your copy today. 

[25:09] Thanking all of you for hanging out with me for these last four years on The Entrepology Podcast! 


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The Entrepology Planner — Download the planner now! 


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This week I’m self-indulgently asking you to check out my new planner, The Entrepology Planner! Let me know your thoughts on it over on my Instagram @DrMeghanWalker or our free Facebook group, The Entrepology Collective. 




“If I was willing to get up at 5 a.m. to work on this for a quarter of the year [I asked myself], ‘Would I do that?’ And honestly, I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m going to get up at 5 a.m. and I’m going to affectionately name this the ‘5 a.m. project.’” — Meghan Walker 


“Creating a planner was not my life’s purpose but it was something that I was irrationally passionate about — and so I made space to do it at 5 a.m.” — Meghan Walker 


“I really think that if you’ve got something you’re excited about, that you’re willing to get out of bed at 5 am to complete … then it’s worth exploring.” — Meghan Walker 


“If you’re going to start to build your life and purpose, and work within a vertical of purpose, you need to create the time and space in order for that to happen.” — Meghan Walker 


“Actually take a break; Actually step up and stretch, because there is no amount of research that suggests that sitting at your desk all day is going to make you more productive, or more creative, or more efficacious within your business.” — Meghan Walker 


“Entrepology, to me, is the study and the confluence of entrepreneurship, mindset, and health. I literally brought to birth a journal that enables you to attend to all of those pieces.” — Meghan Walker