Today, I am joined by an amazing guest! Katie Kimball is someone that I had the opportunity to hang out with a few years ago when we were both speaking at an event called The Future of Health as part of the Mindshare Summit. Now, two years later, I am super excited to be joined by her on The Entrepology Podcast! 


As the national voice of healthy kids cooking, a blogger, former teacher, and mom of four, Katie is on a mission to connect families around healthy food and teach every child in America to cook. Her eCourse, “Kids Cook Real Food,” was recently recommended by The Wall Street Journal as the best online cooking class for kids; and her blog, Kitchen Stewardship, helps families stay healthy without going crazy! 


In this episode, Katie is sharing her knowledge and wisdom on how to feed this generation of picky eaters and teach your children life-long healthy eating habits. If picky eating is a source of frustration in your home, you’ll be happy to hear that Katie has tons of proven techniques that you can deploy to make every mealtime so much easier! As a busy entrepreneur, Katie offers her advice on what we can do as both mothers and business owners to balance cooking nourishing meals, running our business, and teaching our children important life skills around eating healthy. 


Key Takeaways: 

[1:02] All about today’s exciting episode with Katie Kimball! 

[3:04] Welcoming Katie Kimball to the podcast! 

[3:43] Katie shares why this interest in educating both children and their parents around higher nutrition in the kitchen is so incredibly important to her… and why she ultimately decided to pursue a career in it! 

[9:09] How Katie began to get her kids interested in food (and care about the impact that it has on their health) and why she is so passionate about helping other parents do the same. 

[11:34] How Katie balances running her complex business while making time to cook healthy food for her and her family. 

[14:44] What Katie does instead of meal prepping (and her other favorite hacks for busy moms). 

[17:12] Katie shares her experience getting to speak on a TEDx stage as well as the mission she is trying to share with the world. 

[19:21] Sharing a personal experience that cemented my decision that I would not cook individual meals for each of my kids. 

[21:53] The danger of screens plus eating. 

[24:11] Katie’s tools, tips, and techniques for parents of picky eaters. 

[28:13] Katie’s advice on how we can begin teaching our children how to cook with ease. 

[31:02] What is wrong with how this generation of kids are eating and how to raise entrepreneurial-minded children. 

[33:15] Katie’s key performance indicators! 

[35:40] Where to learn more about the incredible work Katie is doing in this world. 

[36:26] Katie’s free gift for Entrepology listeners! 

[36:55] What I love about Katie and her techniques. 


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Kitchen Stewardship 

Kids Cook Real Food 

Join the #KidsMealRevolution 

“Do Schools Kill Creativity?” TEDTalk by Sir Ken Robinson — Free Gift for Entrepology Listeners! 


More About Katie Kimball 

Katie Kimball is on a mission to connect families around healthy food and teach every child in America to cook. As the national voice of healthy kids cooking, she is a blogger, former teacher, and mom of four. Her eCourse, Kids Cook Real Food eCourse, was recently recommended by The Wall Street Journal as the best online cooking class for kids, and her blog, Kitchen Stewardship, helps families stay healthy without going crazy! 


Her latest entrepreneurial adventure is a pandemic-canceled TEDx-Talk-turned-DIY that is redefining the kids’ meal by starting a #KidsMealRevolution! 


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“Real food is powerful. … Modern medicine doesn’t always have the answer[s].” — Katie Kimball 


“If I only teach [my children] what to eat and I only teach them how to eat healthy, but they don’t know how to do that for themselves, it’s all going to fall apart when they leave home.” — Katie Kimball 


“For me, it’s all about starting those [healthy eating habits] really young so that … our kids do not have to figure out how to reverse [chronic diseases] when they’re in their 20s, 30s, and 40s.” — Katie Kimball 


“I am really passionate about … the health of this generation and the fact that not enough people are looking at the frightening trajectory of things like depression, anxiety, obesity, and diabetes in children.” — Katie Kimball 


“Parents are responsible … for what is served, when you eat, and where you eat — and that is where your responsibility ends. [If you do this], this is a huge weight off [your] shoulders. … How much they eat is their responsibility.” — Katie Kimball 


“Picky eating is not about the food generally. It is most often about the environment, the relationships, the power struggles, and what we give our kids; which has to be choice … agency, and just the right amount of control in the right areas” — Katie Kimball