Today we have an incredibly important episode. My guest is the founder of Post Betrayal Transformation (PBT) Institute; a holistic psychologist; and a health, mindset, and personal development expert. She’s been on FOX, CBS, The Dr. Oz Show, TEDx (twice), and more. She is also the best-selling author of the book, The Unshakable Woman: 4 Steps to Rebuilding Your Body, Mind, and Life After a Life Crisis, and her newest book, Trust Again: Overcoming Betrayal and Regaining Health, Confidence, and Happiness. 


Dr. Debi Silber is an incredible leader when it comes to understanding the psychology, physiology, and mindset that we need to be able to approach the idea of betrayal. 


In this episode, Debi shares her own life experience with betrayal, the five stages of betrayal that you should know about, and the one stage of betrayal in particular where we all get stuck: the stage that prevents us from healing, moving forward, and living a life with meaning. 


This conversation was truly enlightening and I cannot wait for you all to tune in to hear Dr. Debi Silber’s wisdom. 


Key Takeaways: 

[1:03] About today’s episode with the incredible Dr. Debi Silber! 

[2:47] Welcoming Dr. Debi Silber to the podcast! 

[3:13] Debi shares her story and what led her to the work that she is doing in this world. 

[4:48] What is betrayal? 

[6:40] What happens physiologically when you get betrayed? Debi shares how betrayal shows up in us emotionally, physically, and mentally. 

[9:56] Are some people more susceptible to the symptoms of betrayal? 

[11:12] The difference between betrayal and grief, and an intro to the five stages of betrayal. 

[12:24] The five stages of betrayal. 

[17:14] How do we move through these five stages of betrayal? What is stopping us? 

[18:32] Debi shares what happened for her when she moved through the five stages of betrayal and came out the other side. 

[19:46] What conversations does Debi have with her children regarding betrayal? What has she taught them about it? 

[22:13] How can you recognize if you haven’t healed from a betrayal? And what are the first steps you could take to heal? 

[23:41] How to differentiate between having healthy boundaries vs. having trust issues. 

[25:44] What are some of the commonalities of those who lean into the experience of healing from betrayal as opposed to letting it define who they are. 

[27:18] Debi shares the third groundbreaking discovery she made with regards to changing how long it takes to heal. 

[28:30] Debi shares a universal message on those currently experiencing betrayal in today’s world. 

[33:40] Debi’s key performance indicators! 

[35:16] Where to learn more about the work Debi is doing in this world. 

[35:40] Thanking Dr. Debi Silber for joining The Entrepology Podcast! 


Mentioned in This Episode:  

The PBT Institute 

IMPACT LIVEs — November 18th‒21st, 2021 


More About Dr. Debi Silber 

Dr. Debi Silber is the founder of the Post Betrayal Transformation Institute and is a holistic psychologist; a health, mindset, and personal development expert; the author of the #1 bestselling book, The Unshakable Woman: 4 Steps to Rebuilding Your Body, Mind, and Life After a Life Crisis; and her most recent book, Trust Again: Overcoming Betrayal and Regaining Health, Confidence, and Happiness. 


Her recent Ph.D. study on how we experience betrayal made three groundbreaking discoveries that changes how long it takes to heal. In addition to being on FOX, CBS, The Dr. Oz Show, TEDx (twice), and more, she’s an award-winning speaker, coach, and author dedicated to helping people move past their betrayals as well as any other blocks preventing them from the health, work, relationships, confidence and happiness they want most. 


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Social Media: Facebook & Instagram @debisilber 


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Do you think you may be struggling with post-betrayal syndrome? Take the free quiz over on Dr. Debi Silber’s website at to learn more. 




“If anything is going to have you wake and realize what matters, it’s losing everything that matters.” — Dr. Debi Silber 


“I studied betrayal; what holds us back, what helps us heal, and what happens to us … when the people closest to us lie, cheat, and deceive. That study led to three groundbreaking discoveries which changed my health, my business, my family, and my life.” — Dr. Debi Silber 


“I define [betrayal] as the breaking of a spoken or unspoken rule. And every relationship has them. The more you trust and the deeper you depend on them, the deeper the betrayal.” — Dr. Debi Silber 


“We’ve all been taught that time heals all wounds and I have proof that that is not true.”  

— Dr. Debi Silber 


“There are five stages [of betrayal] that we will go through from the place of walking in with symptoms of post-betrayal syndrome to that … completely healed state called post-betrayal transformation.” — Dr. Debi Silber 


“We even know what happens physically, mentally, and emotionally at every one of those stages [of betrayal] and what it takes to move from one stage to the next. Most people … are stuck in stage 3 … — and transformation doesn’t even begin until stage 4!” — Dr. Debi Silber 


“Unless we can imagine something other than what we currently experience, we’re stuck.” — Dr. Debi Silber