Today I am super excited to delve into a subject that falls smack dab in the middle of mindset, body, and entrepreneurship. This subject is the epitome of what it means to study and look at entrepology… and that is burnout. 


As entrepreneurs and business owners, we’ve all experienced burnout at least once in our lifetime. And what’s really exciting about my two guests today is that they are absolute experts on all things burnout and even have a framework for it that can help all of us recognize where we are on the trajectory to burnout… and reverse it before we completely crash. 


Dr. Erin Wiebe and Dr. Destiny Spurrell are the founders of the incredible organization, Soul Spark Sisterhood! And together in this episode, they’re going to completely turn your perspective of burnout on its head and give you what you need to know to stay out of it for good. They outline the characteristics of each of the four phases that lead to burnout, the ways that burnout impacts you both mentally and psychologically, and share what you can do to increase your resiliency in the face of stress. 


No one is exempt from a phase of burnout and understanding where you are on the scale of burnout is exactly what you need to know in order to stay out of it for good. I cannot wait for you all to tune in and have some incredible knowledge dropped your way! 


Key Takeaways: 

[:57] About today’s episode with my two fantastic guests, Dr. Erin Wiebe and Dr. Destiny Spurrell! 

[2:54] Welcoming Doctors Erin Wiebe and Destiny Spurrell to The Entrepology Podcast! 

[3:47] Destiny Spurrell introduces the topic of burnout and shares a bit about who she is and her background in this space. 

[4:35] Erin Wiebe shares about herself and her background, as well! 

[5:18] How do we actually know when we’re quickly approaching burnout? 

[6:29] The “alarm phase” (phase #1) of burnout and why it actually feels really good to be in that place as an entrepreneur… and when it becomes a problem. 

[9:40] Phase #2 of burnout: the “compensation phase.” 

[11:09] How long can we exist in the compensation phase? 

[13:25] Hidden positive reinforcements that keep us in these phases of burnout. 

[14:31] Phase #3 of burnout: the “exhaustion phase.” 

[17:07] How your health is impacted by burnout and what we can do to combat the symptoms of phase #3. 

[21:24] Phase #4 of burnout: the “adaptive phase”… and why we actually want to hang out in this place! 

[22:30] How we can identify which of these four phases we are actually in. 

[23:59] How can we learn how to stay out of the exhaustion phase of burnout? 

[26:17] What steps we can begin to take to move out of a place of burnout. 

[27:36] Where adrenals and adrenal fatigue fit into the puzzle that make up burnout. 

[28:31] Why burnout physiologically happens and how we can get to the root cause to truly treat it. 

[31:29] What happens when we’re in a state of alarm. 

[32:18] Dr. Destiny Spurrell’s and Dr. Erin Wiebe’s key performance indicators! 

[39:38] Where to learn more about what the Soul Spark Sisterhood is all about! 

[40:42] Thanking the doctors for joining us today! 

[40:58] Key lessons from today’s conversation. 

[42:38] All about our upcoming event, IMPACT LIVEs. 


Mentioned in This Episode: 

Soul Spark Sisterhood 

“What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while.” — Gretchen Rubin 

Tony Robbins “The 2-Millimeter Rule” 

We Are All Perfectly Fine: A Memoir of Love, Medicine and Healing, by Dr. Jillian Horton 

Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if Your Life Depended on It, by Chris Voss with Tahl Raz 

IMPACT LIVEs — November 18th‒21st, 2021 


More About Doctors Destiny Spurrell and Erin Wiebe 

Destiny Spurrell and Erin Wiebe are both wives, mothers, naturopathic doctors, and co-founders of Soul Spark where they move ambitious female entrepreneurs from burnout to soul sparked by rebuilding energy of body, mind, and soul. 


Erin’s obsessive curiosity to understand the dance of women’s hormones combined with Destiny’s relentless quest to understand our relationship to our Mind & Soul has created a powerful and truly holistic approach. 


Destiny is a recovering approval seeker. Her superpower is listening deeply and helping women uncover the truth of their wise woman that lies within. Destiny uses her EQ superpower at home as the chief space holder for her three boys who are 9, 7, and 4. 


Erin is a self-proclaimed recovering perfectionist. When she is not working in her clinical practice supporting healthy hormones in women, she can be found at home where her role is chief nutrition optimizer and cuddler extraordinaire for her son who is 7, and daughter who is 2. 


Their philosophy is: when a woman lives attuned and aligned to her body, mind, and soul, she is unleashed to live with energy and confidence. 


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“A lot of people equate burnout with exhaustion and that’s just a piece of burnout; it’s a stage of burnout. … There’s a progression. We don’t just wake up one morning and go, ‘I’m exhausted … I have no idea where this came from.’” — Dr. Erin Wiebe 


“We need cortisol in order to feel alert and have a … normal circadian rhythm. But, in the exhaustion phase [of burnout], we have a … very low cortisol response. So, as the demands … compound, and we require the ability to adapt to stress, we aren’t able to.” — Dr. Erin Wiebe 


“[With burnout], we start to feel less impassioned by the things in our life that usually light us up … like our work. We start to feel resentment towards the things in life that we actually love and value.” — Dr. Erin Wiebe 


“No one is exempt from a phase of burnout. And understanding where we are on that scale is exactly what we need to know to stay out of it for good.” — Dr. Destiny Spurrell 


“To truly be empowered in burnout we need to be able to recognize, earlier, where we are, or, to be able to value our experience when we get to that spot.” — Dr. Destiny Spurrell 


“When you’re in the exhaustion phase [of burnout], you might not be able to execute a massive lifestyle change or … a drastic shift. … But these 1% shifts that we can tangibly access with … consistency … [are] how we can … make a difference over time.” — Dr. Destiny Spurrell 


“You can’t do all of the things. You need to recognize where you are. Place value on where you are. And be real about what your access point is right here and now.” — Dr. Destiny Spurrell